Let’s look at the BeForever releases!

Also, I will not be saying anything about the price as I know that if I do, about half the post would be filled with it.



Pow Wow Hair Set Of Today $18

Pow Wow Hair Set


I think it is cute, but I don’t love it. I think they need more things for Kaya that are not “… Of Today.” It is great if you have a modern Native American doll who goes to pow wows. I do like the fact that they aren’t saying that Native Americans only lived during Kaya’s time, or only lived during Felicity’s, etc. However,  I am upset that Kaya is supposed to live during 1764 and only has one outfit for herself that isn’t “……of Today.”

Rating: 6.5

FROM HERE DOWN, SOME OF THE PICTURES WOULD NOT LOAD. So some, you have to go on the website and actually search. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kaya’s Teepee and Bedroll

Technically this is a re – released item, but I am including it anyways. Originally, it came with a teepee, bedroll, and faux fire, then they changed how it looked a bit, took out the fire and added a shield, and it is now back to the original version. Yipee! I love the faux fire. 😉

Rating: 6.5


Kaya Mini Doll $25

Kaya mini doll

Eeeeee! She is so adorable! Heehee! I do not think she looks very much like Kaya, but a bit more generic. Alejandra may or may not want her. I personally think the all vinyl bodies will be nice, mainly because they are more cleanable.

Rating: 7.5


Fun Fringed Outfit for Girls


I like that American Girl is updating the girl outfits so now you can match, but not look like you are dressing up. I really like the jacket, and think it has a very Saige – ish or Josefina – ish feel, but not really Kaya. The skirt is way too short, and I really don’t like it, but if you do that is fine. Actually, now that I am looking at it again, I think that if you had Saige’s meet dress for girls, the sweater would look perfect with it. I like the tank top, but not the colors. Basically I only like it because it has a horse, and I love horses.

Sweater: 7

Tank Top: 5.5

Skirt: 3

Average: 5.16666666667 (yes, I used a calculator)




Caroline’s Party Gown $36

Caroline Party Gown

Eek! I got satin in almost this exact color the other day at Joann’s! I think this is either really cheap costume satin (awful) or they used way too many lights. And the eyelet lace at the bottom is not at all proportional, but the shoes and headband are so cute. You can see more of my thoughts on it in my blog post More BeForever Updates.

Rating: 7.5


Caroline’s Table and Treats $150


Caroline Table and Treats


I love the design on the front and the little ruffle. So cute! It is most definitely a repeat of Cecile and Marie – Grace’s, but still cute. Actually, it looks less tacky then Marie-Grace and Cecile’s did.

Rating: 7


Caroline Mini Doll $25


I personally like the old one better. To me, she looks clueless and not very smart, which is not what you want unless you want a doll to turn into Crabbe or Goyle. 😉

Rating: 5


Jacket and Jeggings Outfit For Girls $32 – $118


Really the only thing I would wear in this outfit is the jacket, and I don’t get how it looks like Caroline’s outfit. Maybe it is supposed to look like the soldiers’ uniforms? The shirt and pants look like something Caroline would wear. If I could, I would wear the tank top, but I doubt I would fit into it. The pants you can find at Target for much cheaper. Basically, you could probably find the top (minus the Caroline trim) and pants on clearance, and something like the jacket is probably being sold about now.

Jacket: 7.5

Top: 7

Pants: 5

Average: 6.5



Josefina Doll and Book $115


I actually like the old skirt better – this one looks too bright. Yes, they would have had some bright dyes, but this seems a bit over the top. I like how the brown and darker red looked together, so this isn’t going to be my favorite new meet outfit.

Rating (I am only rating the skirt because that is all that has changed): 5.5



Desert Flower Dress for Girls $52


Cute, but not something I would wear. I don’t actually think I know anyone who would wear it.

Rating: 4



Addy Doll, Book, and Accessories $134


OH MY GOODNESS! I’M IN LOVE! THIS IS SO CUTE! I love her new face mold! And her dress! *Goes into seventh level of happiness* The patchwork bag is cute, but you could make it yourself.

Rating: 9.5


Crinoline and Chemise $24


So I know that technically, this isn’t a new item, but it is new for Addy, so…yeah. I love poofy skirts. If you read my blog, that is one thing you have to know. You know the kind where when you twirl, it goes up, and spins around you? I could do pirouettes in those all day long. So, anyways, I love poofy skirts, and this makes poofy skirts. Simple.

Rating: 7.5


Addy’s School Outfit $34


At first I didn’t like this, but I now think it is very cute. But has anyone else realized that this looks exactly like the dress Marie-Grace wears when she is meeting Cecile? Just different colors. I think AG had already developed a pattern for it, and then when they decided to retire them, realized they had used all this time working on the pattern and decided that they should just give to Addy and that no one would realize. I may or may not have done the same thing if I worked there.

Rating: 6.5


I am now just deciding to make a separate post for the rest of Addy’s new stuff, and Samantha, Kit, and Julie’s things, so that will be up soon.



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