Bucket List

1. Spend a day reading in Trinity College’s Library

2. Visit/Live in Ireland

3. Go to a Lindsey Stirling concert

4. Be cast in a Harry Potter movie, either as an extra or an actual character

5. Be cast in an Artemis Fowl movie, either as an extra or possibly as Minerva (cause she’s the only girl I’m the age to play)

6. Stay/live in Seattle

7. Meet a person I “know” through the internet

8. Own a horse

9. Meet Emma Watson

10. Buy my friend a signed copy of Artemis Fowl

11. Visit Disney World

12. Meet Malala Yousafzai

13. Be accepted into my dance school’s competitive troupe

14. Buy a Cooper Mini and drive around in it (or rent one for the day)

15. Visit the WWofHP in Florida

16. Go to a midnight showing of Harry Potter

17. Publish one of my books

18. Travel through Europe for a few months in an RV with friends

19. Meet Michaela DePrince

20. Take an Irish dance class in every state

21. Meet Shannon Hale

22. Meet Gail Carson Levine

23. Meet Lois Lowry

24. Own a Canon Rebel T5i camera (once my camera skills go way up)

25. Meet JK Rowling

26. Win another Irish dance competition

27. Go and see Riverdance on its’ next tour of the US

28. Buy Kanani

29. Be able to give a friend a really nice gift

30. Travel Europe

31. Live in Ireland for a year

32. Go to college with my friend who I know IRL (and also happens to live on the other side of the world)

33. Go to Australia and meet Jessica 

34. Roamschool for a year

35. Visit Ålesund, Norway

36. Visit 5 different WW2 museums/memorials in Europe

37. Do a quad turn while foot is being held behind head


I’m an overachiever, ok?

How are ya doing?

I’ve been kinda MIA lately, huh?

At least blogging and stop motioning. I’ve been doing plenty of commenting, NaNo-ing, and pinning.

And I mean a lot of pinning.

Anywho, I’m going to be even more MIA for the next two months or so.

I’m now journeying into the dark realm of Camp NaNo July *screams* and that’s going to be super fun, albeit very stressful.

And then in part of August I’m doing a theatre workshop, and that’s basically all I’ll be doing.

And my grandma is coming to visit in September.

So, blogging and whatnot will be on and off for the next few months. I’ll definitely upload some videos, though.




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