Hello Again! (and updates)


It’s been forever, hasn’t it?

Here are a couple updates from my life:

Credit to Warner Bros. Pictures

– I saw Fantastic Beasts three times in theaters and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve never been a big movie or TV person, but the third time I came out of the theater absolutely sobbing. Queenie and Tina were both great. Jacob was hilarious (and DAN FOGLER) and Newt was, as my friend would say, a precious cinnamon roll. I strongly support Newt and Tina adopting Credence and possibly Modesty. 😛 The casting was brilliant and they all are so funny in interviews. Pickett was adorable, and so was Dougal. And they were all just so precious and I adore them all and just ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! *intense fangirling occurs* Also EVERY SCENE WITH THE OBSCURUS RUINED ME EMOTIONALLY AND I STILL THINK I HAVE YET TO SPEAK OF THIS MOVIE WITHOUT TEARING UP BECAUSE IT WAS SO PERFECT. And the soundtrack….. *hyperventilating* *jumping up and down* *screaming* *sobbing* *general fangirling*

I laughed for way too long at this. -_- Credits unknown

– I’ve previously talked a little bit about the fact that I took a musical theatre class in the summer of 2015. I had the chance to do the same class this past summer. I loved getting to see all of my friends, and I worked a lot on my singing. If anything cemented my love for musicals, it was definitely that. I also had to remind myself this fall that sporadically breaking into song is NOT acceptable in general society. Whoops!

– I moved. I’d been wanting to completely re-design my room for a while, and so Claire and I now have different furniture and everything. Also, I now have a desk – in my room! It sure came in handy for NaNo.

Credit to NaNoWriMo

– Speaking of…. I did all three NaNoWriMos in 2016. I wrote about 1k words for Camp in April, and even less than that for Camp in July (whoops). BUT…I reached my WCG (word count goal) in November! I wrote over 5k one of the days*, for a grand total of 25k. I watched every single Write-In, and now adore Lena and Maddie.**  I wrote more of the same book that I’ve been writing for almost two years, so I now have about 30 chapters and am still writing. I’m dreading editing, haha.

– I currently don’t have access to most of my dolls. Since we’ve moved, though, I’ve gotten several more. One of the new dolls is Rebekah, who has been my favorite AG since 2009. I’ll hopefully upload a post with pictures of all of my new dolls soon. For now, though, their names are Lily Luna Potter (OG Ella Grace), Anaya Madison (OG Anaya), Kit Kitteridge (AG Kit), Rebekah Rubin (AG Rebecca), Zaila Amara (OG Maeva), Miyoko Ren Sato (OG Suyin), and Madeleine (OG April).

Credits unknown

– Fandoms are taking over my life. What a surprise, eh?

How are all of you?


* My previous record had been 3.1k words in a day.

** How can you not like people who randomly start singing Starkid songs?

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  • FANTASTIC BEASTS! I want to see it SO bad….
    Congrats on winning NaNoWriMo!
    I’m glad you’re back and doing well! 🙂 I’m doing pretty good. 😀

    -Clara <3

    • Yes! It’s so good!
      Thank you!
      Aww, thanks. Yay, that’s great!


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