My Doll Wishlist- Part 1- American Girl Dolls

The AG dolls:

1. Ruthie
Doll Fund: $52.38

2. Cecile

I think Isabelle looks much, much, much better in person. I don’t like her stock photos that much.

4. Josefina
I don’t really like her stock photo either. My friend has her and brought her to my house one day, and I liked her much better in person. I don’t know what I don’t like about her stock photos. Maybe I just think she always looks surprised?

5. Rebecca
Gorgeous! But again, I like her in person in better.

6. Kit
I think she’s so adorable!

7. Kaya
I LOVE how she looks like she’s giving a sad little smile, and she can look sad or happy, instead of always happy with a open mouth smile like all the others do.

8. My American Girl #55
I don’t like that they photo shopped her eyes. But I think she’s gorgeous. Especially when you see her in person or in pictures when they don’t photoshop her eyes. (Seriously AG!) I really like the names Annika or Evangeline or Angelique for her.

9. My American Girl #44
I love this doll! I would probably name her Gabrielle, or Gabby for short. I think she would be half African American, one fourth French Canadian, and one fourth Hispanic.

10. My American Girl #49
Again, I like her better in person. I don’t know what I’d name her.

Some other dolls I like, that aren’t necessarily on my wish list right now:

My American Girl #60
I’ve always really liked the dark hair, blue eyes, light skin combo.

My American Girl #46
I think she’s cute, especially in dark green clothes.

My American Girl #37
As soon as I get Ruthie, she’s getting bumped up into my top ten. I think she’s so cute, and she looks very Irish!

My American Girl #30
I really like Jess, but since she’s retired, she goes for a crazy amount of money, so she’s a great alternative if I don’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars. (which I don’t)

My American Girl #41
She would probably be Ruthie’s sister.

My Favorite Bitty Twins

Latina Bitty Twin
She’s such a cutie!

African American Bitty Twin

Buy that combo here!

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  • ~Bridget Link Reply

    Great choices i lloovvee isabelle 🙂

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