My Thoughts on Grace Thomas and her Collection

Here are some of my thoughts on Grace’s stuff!


Grace Doll Grace Headshot

Grace Doll $120

I am not going to go into details, as I’m working on another post with my exact feelings toward her, but we won’t be getting her. I like her hair and eye combo, but I don’t really like the new freckle pattern, it is too dark and unrealistic. She looks like she is wearing lipstick, and no 9-year-old should wear lipstick.

EDIT: As of January 3rd, 4 of the bloggers I have checked today have Grace and have done a photo-shoot. She is growing on me. Sigh. And Claire loves her. And typically when Claire loves a doll, we end up getting her. However, I am very upset that she is yet another blue eyed, Caucasian doll, so I really don’t want to support that.

Rating: 7.5


Grace's Baking Outfit

Grace’s Baking Outfit $34

Cute, but I really only want the apron and the shoes. It kind of looks like cotton candy, to be honest. This is just one of those outfits that I am pretty much indifferent to.

Rating: 6


Grace welcome accessories

Grace’s Welcome Gifts $32

$32?!?!?!?!?!?!? Really, AG? Again, I’m pretty indifferent to this.

Rating: 6


Grace's Baking Set

Grace’s Baking Set $68

WAY overpriced. WAY. I really like this, but would only buy it if it were $18 or less, so this is ridiculous.

Rating for the actual items, ignoring the price: 9


Grace PJs

Grace’s Pajamas $24

Hm….These are cute. I’m slowly being sucked in. Trying to figure out if I could find fabric like they used for the pants so I could DIY. I really like these. They aren’t pink! Yay!

Rating: 9


Grace Suitcase

Grace’s Travel Set $44

This is a really cute color combo, but $44? If I want a suitcase I can just buy a wooden one from Hobby Lobby and paint it.

Rating: 7


Grace's Travel Coat

Grace’s Travel Coat $28

American Girl is going to have $28 from a certain item bought by me. I’m so, so serious. I really love this. It is perfect. I want this in my size. The only thing I would do differently is have the boots come with it, but what else is Etsy for?

Rating: 10


Grace opening night outfit

Grace’s Opening Night Outfit $38

This is a cute design, but I’m not liking all the cotton candy colors in her collection. I might DIY it in blue, though. Or mint green. That could be cute. Just not pink. Am I the only one that is getting a pink Elsa-ish vibe off this?

Rating: Design: 9  Color: 6


Grace's French Bulldog

Grace’s French Bulldog $22

Again, I lack an opinion.

I am not even going to rate it because I literally can’t. I really have no opinion.


Grace's City Outfit

Grace’s City Outfit $34

I like the top, I wouldn’t wear it exactly, but I would wear that style. The shorts are sparkly, and I don’t like sparkly shorts. It looks too pop star-ish.


Top: 8

Shorts: 4

Average: 6


Grace's Paris Accessories

Grace’s Paris Accessories $32

I like these, but not enough to pay $32. I Might DIY. (I know, I know, I have said that about almost everything)

Rating: 8


Grace's Bistro Set

Grace’s Bistro Set $85

The price is turning me off. If it was $30, even $45, I would snatch it up quickly. It is cute, just not at all appealing to my wallet.

Rating for items, not price: 8


Grace Pastry Cart

Grace’s Pastry Cart $150

I would love, love, love this. Really. But I just can’t spend $150 on it. AG, you’re losing customers!

Rating: 9


Now for my favorite – The Bakery!

Grace bakery

Grace’s French Bakery $500

I really love this – even more than the coat. It’s…….amazing. And $500….

Grace Bakery

Urgh. Torture. Pure torture. My eyes are flicking between the price tag and how much money I get per year. I really can’t afford. But I really want it.

Grace bakery

Don’t show me anymore. Please, please, please. Otherwise I will storm the AG place and scream till they give it to me for free.

Grace bakery

Rubye is staring over my shoulder, begging.

Grace bakery

Doll sized bags. And boxes. Time to get out those old AG boxes, scrapbook paper, and stamps. I’m making some shopping bags.

grace bakery

And get on Photoshop to make templates for baking boxes. Lots of templates.

grace bakery

Watercolors and polymer clay here I come!

Kathleen you don’t need a giant doll bakery

Kathleen you don’t need a giant doll bakery

Kathleen you don’t need a giant doll bakery

Kathleen you don’t need a giant doll bakery






Oh, dear.



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  • Julie Link Reply

    I recently bought a Paris doodle fabric at It comes in both a knit and a cotton woven. The doodles are all in turquoise not multicolored like the AG ones but my daughter loves it had to help!

  • I saw a tutorial to make the bakery from foam core board here:
    It looks really cute and a lot like the real bakery but costs hardly anything! My problem is I also don’t have the room for something so huge.

    • Oh, thanks a ton, Michelle!
      Haha, that’s our problem also. I’ll probably try and use that tutorial, but make it fold up completely. I can post pics and how I changed it if I do. Would you like that?


      P.S. Nice blog. I may or may not have been a teensy weensy bit excited to find another doll loving Potterhead. I was hoping for Ravenclaw, but Hufflepuff is nice too. 🙂

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