Retirements 2015 – Kit, Caroline, and Josefina

I have been online a lot lately, trying to figure out who will retire this coming year. It has become something of a game for me each year to figure out who will be retired and (if I have wanted her for a bit) save up and buy her before AG even announces it.

I think it is possible that Kit, Caroline, Addy, Rebecca, and Josefina might be on their way out. Not all at once. But probably one of them will be retired, either winter or summer. That is typically when they retire dolls.

I’m going to show my reasons for Kit, Josefina, and Caroline today. The rest will come in the next week or two.

My reasons:

Kit doll


– She normally sells really well, and now she is selling really badly. They’ve been featuring her like nuts (BeForever spotlight and all) which bodes ill for her.

– There is a lot of pressure on AG to not make as many blond hair, blue eyed dolls. (Which I agree with – they should work on getting more diversity in the mix.)

– The only dolls that are left that have been around for longer than Kit has are Josefina and Addy, and both are non-Caucasian.

– Ebay is saturated with hundreds of decent condition Kit dolls. Some people are buying used Kit dolls instead of buying them straight from AG.

– People have been dissatisfied with her new BeForever outfits more than pretty much any of the other dolls.

Josefina doll


– She has been around for quite a while.

– She was the only one who did not get her BeForever makeover yet. When Molly was about to be retired, she had a bunch of new stuff released right before.

– There have been rumors spread by AGP employees and Personal Shoppers.

– Some people think that she isn’t “American” because she lived in a time and place that was owned by Mexico at that point.

Caroline doll


– She has been called the 18″ Barbie because of her pink dress, blond hair, and blue eyes.

– Her hair is harder to care for.

– There is a lot of pressure on AG to not make as many blond hair, blue eyed dolls.

– She has also had low sales.


Right now I think it most likely that Kit will be retired out of those three. I know a lot of people think it will be Josefina, but I think Kit and Caroline should be considered candidates, too.

A few things that might help each doll not be retired:


– Her hair is super easy to care for, which means lots of moms buy her for their girls.

– Her stories are about a time that lots of the target age’s grandparents grew up in (my grandpa included.)

– She is very tomboyish, which lots of people can relate to. However, lots of tomboys I know are 0% interested in dolls. For that matter, I’m a complete and utter girly-girl. (Glitter!)


– After AG has been dropping hints about Josefina’s possible retirement this summer, they’ve gotten tons of backlash, especially as it is right after Ivy and Cecile retired. Some people have been feeling that AG is a bit biased, since the last 9 dolls that have been released in a row are all Caucasian, and most have blue eyes.


– Erm….she is new. From 2012. But that didn’t stop them from retiring MG and Cecile, and they had been out for three years.


I really think it will be Kit (out of these, anyways), honestly. I might be wrong, but I bet it will be Kit or Josefina. I hope it is Caroline.

Kit is a really strong character in the books and some of the historical characters seem a bit conceited and bratty, so I hope that they keep her. Plus, the woman reporter in the 1920’s/30’s plot is becoming a trend in books (e.x.- Hattie Big Sky and Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson.) She has also been a big seller in the past, so AG might not retire her in the hopes that she will become really popular again. I think that a lot of girls in the target age range (target age range is 8-12 for the 18″.)  really like her, Claire and I included. The thing that pushed me to put her on my wishlist was when I found out that she had the dark blue eyes (which only three AG dolls have ever had.) Her character is really fun.

Josefina wants to be a healer, (1824 equivalent of a more natural doctor) so I think it is partially important for her to keep her because of that. Seeing as how basically none of them are anything very STEM-focused (not that they really knew much about how the human body worked in 1824) it is nice to see that in a girl’s toy line. I mean, we have a reporter, an actress, a girl’s rights activist (or two? Would Samantha count as one? Or more of an equality activist?), and a sailor. (I don’t know what Addy and Kaya would really grow up to be.) A girl’s rights activist is a very good cause, but I’m glad that there is someone focused on science. Another one of the things I really like about her is that she is one of the non-Caucasian dolls in the BeForever line.

I’m not super fond of Caroline. Releasing a second doll with blond hair and blue eyes in the BeForever line was pretty risky in my opinion. I don’t really like her character (she is one of the ones who sounds really bratty in bits of her books) and a lot of her newer clothes are either really cheap looking, aren’t historically accurate, or just not at all appealing. The only things I would even want from her collection is her Travel Outfit, her Nightgown, and her Winter Coat.

I think they’re focusing less and less on the company’s values and more and more on marketing and money. I think that it might hurt their sales in the long run, (Pride cometh before a fall 😉 ) and so I hope they make the right decision in who to retire this year. I think that out of all of the BeForever dolls, no matter whether I think they might be retiring or not, I think that they should retire Caroline. I don’t feel like her books are contributing a lot to the line overall, and we have a blond hair, blue-eyed, Caucasian, classic mold doll already, who has a great character.


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My Year – 2014

I have seen a lot of people making these, so why not!?!?!?!?!


January 1st: We met Isabelle.

January 18th: We visited the AG store to see Isabelle.

April 26th: I started this blog.

May 20th: AG officially announced Ivy, Cecile, Marie-Grace, and Ruthie’s retirement, though many of us had known about it since Feburuary.

May 21st: My grandmother secretly agreed to pay the last $30 we needed to buy Ruthie as a surprise for Claire.

May 29th: Ruthie arrived!

August 15th: We opened our Etsy shop ( and I entered my first ever Doll Wardrobe Fashion Design Challenge as entry #12.

Agust 20th: I posted my first ever photo story!

August 24th: We bought Alejandra!

August 26th: I broke my foot. Again. (Irish dance)

August 28th: BeForever came.

December 25th: Isabella Rose Smyth joined our ever growing doll collection!

My blog stats since April are below:

– I have 5 followers

– I had the most views in  August  at 653, December was my second best month at 430.

– My top referrers have been search engines (549), Doll Diaries (130), AGFan (87), Delightful World of Dolls (30), My Pinterest (24), and Wardrobe of Memories (12).

– The top 5 searches that have led to my posts are be forever dolls, be forever dolls, be forever dolls which dolls are getting new meet outfits, dolls latina, and our generation dolls.

–  My most viewed post is More Beforever Updates.

– My top four commenters have been Nicole, Nonna, AJ, and Bridget, all with two comments each.

–  As of January 1st, 1:27 p.m., I have 2, 380 views and 16 comments!

Thanks for a great 2014!


My Thoughts on Grace Thomas and her Collection

Here are some of my thoughts on Grace’s stuff!


Grace Doll Grace Headshot

Grace Doll $120

I am not going to go into details, as I’m working on another post with my exact feelings toward her, but we won’t be getting her. I like her hair and eye combo, but I don’t really like the new freckle pattern, it is too dark and unrealistic. She looks like she is wearing lipstick, and no 9-year-old should wear lipstick.

EDIT: As of January 3rd, 4 of the bloggers I have checked today have Grace and have done a photo-shoot. She is growing on me. Sigh. And Claire loves her. And typically when Claire loves a doll, we end up getting her. However, I am very upset that she is yet another blue eyed, Caucasian doll, so I really don’t want to support that.

Rating: 7.5


Grace's Baking Outfit

Grace’s Baking Outfit $34

Cute, but I really only want the apron and the shoes. It kind of looks like cotton candy, to be honest. This is just one of those outfits that I am pretty much indifferent to.

Rating: 6


Grace welcome accessories

Grace’s Welcome Gifts $32

$32?!?!?!?!?!?!? Really, AG? Again, I’m pretty indifferent to this.

Rating: 6


Grace's Baking Set

Grace’s Baking Set $68

WAY overpriced. WAY. I really like this, but would only buy it if it were $18 or less, so this is ridiculous.

Rating for the actual items, ignoring the price: 9


Grace PJs

Grace’s Pajamas $24

Hm….These are cute. I’m slowly being sucked in. Trying to figure out if I could find fabric like they used for the pants so I could DIY. I really like these. They aren’t pink! Yay!

Rating: 9


Grace Suitcase

Grace’s Travel Set $44

This is a really cute color combo, but $44? If I want a suitcase I can just buy a wooden one from Hobby Lobby and paint it.

Rating: 7


Grace's Travel Coat

Grace’s Travel Coat $28

American Girl is going to have $28 from a certain item bought by me. I’m so, so serious. I really love this. It is perfect. I want this in my size. The only thing I would do differently is have the boots come with it, but what else is Etsy for?

Rating: 10


Grace opening night outfit

Grace’s Opening Night Outfit $38

This is a cute design, but I’m not liking all the cotton candy colors in her collection. I might DIY it in blue, though. Or mint green. That could be cute. Just not pink. Am I the only one that is getting a pink Elsa-ish vibe off this?

Rating: Design: 9  Color: 6


Grace's French Bulldog

Grace’s French Bulldog $22

Again, I lack an opinion.

I am not even going to rate it because I literally can’t. I really have no opinion.


Grace's City Outfit

Grace’s City Outfit $34

I like the top, I wouldn’t wear it exactly, but I would wear that style. The shorts are sparkly, and I don’t like sparkly shorts. It looks too pop star-ish.


Top: 8

Shorts: 4

Average: 6


Grace's Paris Accessories

Grace’s Paris Accessories $32

I like these, but not enough to pay $32. I Might DIY. (I know, I know, I have said that about almost everything)

Rating: 8


Grace's Bistro Set

Grace’s Bistro Set $85

The price is turning me off. If it was $30, even $45, I would snatch it up quickly. It is cute, just not at all appealing to my wallet.

Rating for items, not price: 8


Grace Pastry Cart

Grace’s Pastry Cart $150

I would love, love, love this. Really. But I just can’t spend $150 on it. AG, you’re losing customers!

Rating: 9


Now for my favorite – The Bakery!

Grace bakery

Grace’s French Bakery $500

I really love this – even more than the coat. It’s…….amazing. And $500….

Grace Bakery

Urgh. Torture. Pure torture. My eyes are flicking between the price tag and how much money I get per year. I really can’t afford. But I really want it.

Grace bakery

Don’t show me anymore. Please, please, please. Otherwise I will storm the AG place and scream till they give it to me for free.

Grace bakery

Rubye is staring over my shoulder, begging.

Grace bakery

Doll sized bags. And boxes. Time to get out those old AG boxes, scrapbook paper, and stamps. I’m making some shopping bags.

grace bakery

And get on Photoshop to make templates for baking boxes. Lots of templates.

grace bakery

Watercolors and polymer clay here I come!

Kathleen you don’t need a giant doll bakery

Kathleen you don’t need a giant doll bakery

Kathleen you don’t need a giant doll bakery

Kathleen you don’t need a giant doll bakery






Oh, dear.





Let’s look at the BeForever releases!

Also, I will not be saying anything about the price as I know that if I do, about half the post would be filled with it.



Pow Wow Hair Set Of Today $18

Pow Wow Hair Set


I think it is cute, but I don’t love it. I think they need more things for Kaya that are not “… Of Today.” It is great if you have a modern Native American doll who goes to pow wows. I do like the fact that they aren’t saying that Native Americans only lived during Kaya’s time, or only lived during Felicity’s, etc. However,  I am upset that Kaya is supposed to live during 1764 and only has one outfit for herself that isn’t “……of Today.”

Rating: 6.5

FROM HERE DOWN, SOME OF THE PICTURES WOULD NOT LOAD. So some, you have to go on the website and actually search. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kaya’s Teepee and Bedroll

Technically this is a re – released item, but I am including it anyways. Originally, it came with a teepee, bedroll, and faux fire, then they changed how it looked a bit, took out the fire and added a shield, and it is now back to the original version. Yipee! I love the faux fire. 😉

Rating: 6.5


Kaya Mini Doll $25

Kaya mini doll

Eeeeee! She is so adorable! Heehee! I do not think she looks very much like Kaya, but a bit more generic. Alejandra may or may not want her. I personally think the all vinyl bodies will be nice, mainly because they are more cleanable.

Rating: 7.5


Fun Fringed Outfit for Girls


I like that American Girl is updating the girl outfits so now you can match, but not look like you are dressing up. I really like the jacket, and think it has a very Saige – ish or Josefina – ish feel, but not really Kaya. The skirt is way too short, and I really don’t like it, but if you do that is fine. Actually, now that I am looking at it again, I think that if you had Saige’s meet dress for girls, the sweater would look perfect with it. I like the tank top, but not the colors. Basically I only like it because it has a horse, and I love horses.

Sweater: 7

Tank Top: 5.5

Skirt: 3

Average: 5.16666666667 (yes, I used a calculator)




Caroline’s Party Gown $36

Caroline Party Gown

Eek! I got satin in almost this exact color the other day at Joann’s! I think this is either really cheap costume satin (awful) or they used way too many lights. And the eyelet lace at the bottom is not at all proportional, but the shoes and headband are so cute. You can see more of my thoughts on it in my blog post More BeForever Updates.

Rating: 7.5


Caroline’s Table and Treats $150


Caroline Table and Treats


I love the design on the front and the little ruffle. So cute! It is most definitely a repeat of Cecile and Marie – Grace’s, but still cute. Actually, it looks less tacky then Marie-Grace and Cecile’s did.

Rating: 7


Caroline Mini Doll $25


I personally like the old one better. To me, she looks clueless and not very smart, which is not what you want unless you want a doll to turn into Crabbe or Goyle. 😉

Rating: 5


Jacket and Jeggings Outfit For Girls $32 – $118


Really the only thing I would wear in this outfit is the jacket, and I don’t get how it looks like Caroline’s outfit. Maybe it is supposed to look like the soldiers’ uniforms? The shirt and pants look like something Caroline would wear. If I could, I would wear the tank top, but I doubt I would fit into it. The pants you can find at Target for much cheaper. Basically, you could probably find the top (minus the Caroline trim) and pants on clearance, and something like the jacket is probably being sold about now.

Jacket: 7.5

Top: 7

Pants: 5

Average: 6.5



Josefina Doll and Book $115


I actually like the old skirt better – this one looks too bright. Yes, they would have had some bright dyes, but this seems a bit over the top. I like how the brown and darker red looked together, so this isn’t going to be my favorite new meet outfit.

Rating (I am only rating the skirt because that is all that has changed): 5.5



Desert Flower Dress for Girls $52


Cute, but not something I would wear. I don’t actually think I know anyone who would wear it.

Rating: 4



Addy Doll, Book, and Accessories $134


OH MY GOODNESS! I’M IN LOVE! THIS IS SO CUTE! I love her new face mold! And her dress! *Goes into seventh level of happiness* The patchwork bag is cute, but you could make it yourself.

Rating: 9.5


Crinoline and Chemise $24


So I know that technically, this isn’t a new item, but it is new for Addy, so…yeah. I love poofy skirts. If you read my blog, that is one thing you have to know. You know the kind where when you twirl, it goes up, and spins around you? I could do pirouettes in those all day long. So, anyways, I love poofy skirts, and this makes poofy skirts. Simple.

Rating: 7.5


Addy’s School Outfit $34


At first I didn’t like this, but I now think it is very cute. But has anyone else realized that this looks exactly like the dress Marie-Grace wears when she is meeting Cecile? Just different colors. I think AG had already developed a pattern for it, and then when they decided to retire them, realized they had used all this time working on the pattern and decided that they should just give to Addy and that no one would realize. I may or may not have done the same thing if I worked there.

Rating: 6.5


I am now just deciding to make a separate post for the rest of Addy’s new stuff, and Samantha, Kit, and Julie’s things, so that will be up soon.




My Thoughts on American Girl’s New Releases – Part 2

So, fifty million years laters……….

I am having technical difficulties, so pictures are not uploading. You can find all pictures on AG’s website.

Bee Myself Outfit

Bee Myself Outfit

Really? Can you name one 8-12 year old girl who would wear this? No? Me neither. This should be for Bitty Baby!

Rating: 4


Sunny Isle Set

Sunny Isle Outfit

Cute, but not very noteworthy to me. It isn’t really something I would wear. I like the beads, but I don’t really like bright yellow clothes.

Rating: 6


Bouquet Bed and Bedding

Bouquet Bed and Bedding $38 – $213

Really cute! Pricy, but isn’t all AG stuff? I love the little Coconut pillow.

Rating: 8


Bouquet Nightstand

Bouquet Nightstand $58

Meh, you can get something like this at almost any craft store and paint it.

Rating: 5



Sunset Sleepover Tent $85

I can sum it up in four words: cute, pricy, can DIY.

Rating: 6.5



Beach Chair Set $48

Again, not super noteworthy, cute food.

Rating: 7



Doodle Backpack Set $28

This is something I would get, if it weren’t so pricy. For me, I really just make a rule about buying from AG. If I love it, and I’ve been loving it for a matter of months, I get it, if it’s affordable. If I don’t love it, but I think it is something that fits my dolls personality really well, I think about it.  This is one of the things where I like it quite a bit, but none of my dolls would be super interested in it. My newest doll Kaylee/Isabella could be interested in it, but she is a bit to much of a fashionista to love it. 🙂

Rating: 8



Camp Treats Set $58

I LOVE all the food. It is definitely something that my doll Rubye would like, so I might end up getting it, if I have enough and there is nothing else I am super interested in. Since it is $58, I doubt I will ever get it though.

Rating: 7.5



Trail Accessories $38

Anybody’s Saige interested in camping?

Rating: 5.5



Sunset Sleepover Bag for Dolls $28

To me, this is actually a decent price. You could DIY, but I think if you just need a quick sleeping bag, this is pretty cute.

Rating: 7



Seaside Tote Set $24

Cute, but definitely not worth $24. Our Generation would sell this for $10 or less, and it would be just as good quality.

Rating: 6



Jewel Highlights Set $15

I personally think the highlights are really cute, but the Bright Highlights are too pastel to go really well with any of my dolls hair (except the purple would look gorgeous on Sydney).  So, I like these, and I will probably be getting them at some point, if not just to accent the french, fishtail, rope, and waterfall braids I always do. 😉

Rating: 7



Accent Braid Clips $15

You can really just do this yourself, unless you have a boy doll padawan (for Star Wars fans). Then, I would get it.

Rating: 3, unless you have a padawan boy doll, then 6



Pet Earrings $10

You can really just make these out of shrinky-dinks.

Rating: 2



Doodle Earrings $10

Much, much cuter, but still something you can make out of shrinky – dinks. Isabella does want these, though…….. I see some shrinky – dinks in my future!

Rating: 6



Aqua Earring Tree $10

Going straight on to the rating.

Rating: 3



3-n-1 Ring Set $8

Meh, cute, tiny, plastic.

Rating: 3



Wrap Watch $8

I personally really like this. For 8 bucks, I will probably be getting it in the near future.

Rating: 7



Violet Heart Watch $8

My sister is drooling over this, I like the blue, otherwise, so-so.

Rating: 4



Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin


Beach Sun Shade $38

OK, it is cute, but you can buy something like this at Target for a much cheaper price.

Rating: 5



Sunny and Sweet Swimsuit $26

Ok, that is also cute, but when it is right after my all time favorite swimsuit for dolls, then it isn’t very appealing to me.

Rating: 6


Pretty Picnic Outfit $26

Cute. that is really all I have to say

Rating: 5


Sugar and Spice Outfit $28

I really do not like how the tulle kind of sticks out. It is not at all something that would be very flattering. I think if they just did normal stripes out of the same fabric as the skirt, it could be cute, but I really do not like it as is.

Rating: 3.5



Bitty Lambie PJ’s $26

Much cuter than the other BB outfits. Still not what I would buy, but much cuter

Rating: 7



Polka – Dot Day Dress $25

For me, this is really overwhelming.  The polka dots are pretty small, and there are so many, and in such different colors. They seriously give me a headache. I think if all the polka dots were big, and and all hot pink and white and silver, I would buy it.

Rating: 3.5



Sunny Stripes Outfit $26

WAY too bright for me. And I honestly do not know anyone who looks good in this bright of a yellow.

Rating: 4



Beach Snack Set $20

Cute, OK, underwhelming.

Rating: 4.5



Picnic Basket Set $30

Same as above

Rating: 4



Birthday Accessories $20

Same as above.

Rating: 3.5



Twin’s Groceries $30

SO ANNOYINGLY CUTE! Only annoyingly because I’m going to have to get it, and I already have a too-long wishlist.

Rating: 8



Twins’ Hair Accessories $12

Honestly you can DIY the bow, and buy the hair elastics at any Target or Walmart, etc.

Rating: 3



Twins’ Glasses Set $8

I am in love. SO cute! And 8 bucks. 🙂

Rating: 8



Isabelle’s Items



Isabelle’s Makeup Set $36

From a dancing girl, who LOVES this kind of thing, I really like this.  I was really bummed out about how Rebecca got this cool makeup set, but you had to get it with this $64  costume, so now I can just get this instead. It isn’t very realistic to have your name  all fancily written on this makeup set, but I think I can overlook that. Overall, I think this is super cute, great play and stop motion value.

Rating: 8.5



Isabelle’s Sparkle Dress $36

I don’t like the stock photos at all. Period. And the pink. At all. Pink is fine and cute and all, but this is entirely pink. That was my opinion after I saw stock photos. A couple days ago, I saw a little girl carrying around Ruthie, and she was wearing this. It is adorable in person, and is very sparkly. (I love bling)  The top looked a bit white / really light pink, with medium pink highlights, and little rainbows cast all around it. Obviously this is mainly because it is sparkly.  The skirt is a bubblegum pink, and the whole ensemble was pretty cute.  I think it wouldn’t flatter Isabelle as much , but on a doll with dark hair (like Ruthie) it would compliment the skin tone and hair color very well.

Rating: 7



What do you think of the new releases?


P.S. I know, I know, this was the summer release…….



So one thing you need to know about me. I really like sewing. K? On with the post.

These are some of my favorite doll dresses, straight from my Evernote Doll Dress Inspiration notebook.

From the Spring FDC 2014:

Little red riding hood fdc

Little Red Riding Hood (above)

Entry #35

by Once Upon A Dollie



Fdc entry 10

Entry #10 (above)

by Hannah Designs


Little Red Riding Hood Part 1 1


Little Red Riding Hood (above)



Entry #13 (above)

by unknown





School (not so) Blues (above)



Shirley Temple in Baby Take A Bow (above)




Nellie’s Meet Outfit Re-make (above)


From Melody Valerie Couture:

margot the-garland-dress-049 snowflake suzanne-photo


coral-at-lincoln-center img_6553 2



Summer FDC 2014:

I entered as #12.



Archery Dress (above)

Entry #10

by Nicole from Wardrobe of Memories



Johanna Von Trapp (above)

Entry #28

(by unknown)




Lucy from Prince Caspian (above)

Entry #19

by  Rainbow Lily Designs




Jalisco Ballet Folklorico Dress (above)


by unknown



Luna Lovegood  (above)

Entry #21

by Kate Lauren Designs



Original FDC:

10 sm

Autumn Frost Fairy (above)

Entry #24

by Dollhouse Designs


Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 2.54.50 PM

Peacock Dress (above)

Entry #66

by Kathy Ott

Photos by Pamela Fox



Entry #63 (above)

by Sylvie and Bruno



Susan’s Coronation Gown  (above)

Entry #2

by Alisha’s Creations


I will add more sometime soon, but those are some of my very favorites.


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Updates to My Our Generation Wishlist!

Our Generation has added new dolls, which of course, means a longer wishlist!


Again, my photos are not working. Go to to see these.



Ee! I really like that they added what looks like a biracial doll! She is really cute, and I like that they are trying to add more diversity!

Note: As of Christmas 2014, I have Isabella Rose Smyth, a re-named Kaylee. A review will hopefully be up soon. She is adorable!



*Gasp!* She is so cute! Hehe, going into Kathleen-loves-dolls-with-red-hair monotony over here. (Does that even make any sense?)



I also really like her! When we get her (yes, when, not if) she will be renamed Primrose and become Emily’s cousin. (I know that in the book, Primrose is Emily’s aunt, but we like to think that there is also a cousin named Primrose.)


Ella Grace

We do love the name Ella Grace, but decided that she will be renamed Posy from Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield. It is a really great book, by the way.


Also, Ayla has made it on my wish list.


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A My Twinn and American Girl Doll Comparison – Which Is Better?

So, back in April when my parents were talking about giving me a blog, I had been doing a lot of research on the differences between My Twinn and American Girl. So, my mom assigned me (as part of my homeschooling) to write about which one was better and which one wasn’t as great. I decided to post on my blog, so I hope you enjoy reading about the differences!

American Girl dolls are made in China. My Twinn are made in the USA. American Girl dolls are $115-$120 for a ready made doll, complete with one outfit and a pair of shoes. My Twinn dolls are $100 for a completely customizable doll with one outfit, shoes and socks, and a tank and brief set. Which one sounds like a better deal? American Girl? No? Didn’t think so.

So, according to that information, My Twinn is better. But if you’re like me, then you’ll say: “But American Girl has more clothing options. And they have historical clothing! Plus, you can’t tell exactly what your My Twinn doll will look like.”

So, now you’re really confused. They are both good and bad. American Girl only has 18″ dolls and My Twinn has both 23″ and 18″.  A lot of people are not happy with American Girl though, because they have mainly Caucasian dolls.

In some areas, My Twinn is clearly better, and in some, AG is.


AG definitely has the higher price. My Twinn’s has much better prices.


Made in….

The AG dolls are all made in China, out of vinyl that may or may not be phthalate free. My Twinn dolls are made, designed, and assembled in the U.S.A.  They are also made from lead-free, phthalate free vinyl.



The My Twinn dolls are completely customizable. AG has a lot of dolls to choose from, but the only customizable feature is choosing whether or not they have earrings or a hearing aid or not.


How Many Times the Dolls Go On Sale

American Girl really only has decent sales for Cyber Monday and the occasional Jill’s Steals and Deals sale. My Twinn has one happening almost all the time, which makes getting a doll much cheaper and easier. I feel that they have better return and pricing policies, as well.


Pictures on the Website

When you order an American Girl Doll, the doll in person will look exactly how it looks online. For My Twinn custom dolls, you have no idea exactly how they are going to look or how the hair, eye, and skin combos will look.



Both are very nice dolls with an equal quality.


Clothing, Accessories, and Furniture

American Girl has many more options, often trendier and brighter. My Twinn has some cute options, too, but they might not appeal to as many 8-12 year olds. They sure do appeal to me, though!


Comes With . . . 

American Girl Dolls come with an outfit, small hair accessory, shoes, and socks. My Twinn dolls come with one outfit, hair ribbons, tank and brief set, shoes, and socks.



American Girl Dolls have wigged hair. My Twinn dolls are wigged. If you wanted to customize a doll with something that neither of the doll brands offer (i.e. purple hair) then both  dolls could work.

 Here is a great review of a My Twinn doll.

Here is one of an American Girl doll by the same person.

All in all, I think that both are good. It really depends on what you want in each individual doll and what you care about in toy manufacturing.

I personally feel better supporting My Twinn, and I hope that people agree with me.






Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

My dolls are celebrating Christmas tomorrow (we don’t have enough time today) so I can hopefully get a photo story up about their Christmas……and a new arrival!


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New Items in Our Etsy Shop!



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Click on on the picture to visit the listing.^^^^

We added more things to our Etsy shop!

Girl tutus coming soon, as well as some pre-made tutu listings!

Also, please note that the fabric I was using for the cape and sheer part of the bodice on our Elsa dress is discontinued. I will be updating pictures soon.