Rubye’s Helping Hand

Rubye opened her eyes groggily and looked at the calendar. “Oh it’s Saturday. Now I can sleep in,” she murmured sleepily. Suddenly she sat bolt upright. “Today I’m taking our donations to the homeless shelter!” She said.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up,” she said, jumping on Katelyn. “Rubye, go back to sleep,” Katelyn murmured. “I just can’t! I have to go to the homeless shelter! Will you get ready with me?” Rubye said excitedly. “Get ready by yourself!” Katelyn said, as she pushed Rubye off of her. “Do you wanna make pancakes?” Rubye asked. Katelyn just smiled and climbed out of bed.

Rubye quickly tried to tame her unruly hair, but that proved unmanageable, so she just did it the best she could and quickly tied in a bow.

As she looked in the mirror, she wondered what the people at the homeless shelter would be like. Would they want to talk to her? Would they like what she had brought? What would they like?

She got dressed and quickly put on her shoes. Katelyn brought her lunchbox with her breakfast in it. “Do you want to help me pack some food for the people at the homeless shelter?” she asked. “Sure!” Rubye replied.

Not bothering to change her pj shirt, she threw on a jacket and hoped she looked presentable. “Ready!” Rubye whispered to Katelyn. “OK! I’ll go make sure Mom’s ready to take you!” She whispered back. “Don’t wake up the others!”


As soon as she got there, Ruybe jumped out and quickly started unloading a box full of donations. “Where do I put these donations?” she asked the lady behind the counter. “Hi! My name’s Linda! What is your’s?” Said Linda. “Ruybe” “Ok, Ruybe, here’s your sticker so you can access all of the facilities visitors are allowed into. You can bring your donations to the receiving room, on the second floor. Here’s a map! You can stay and visit, but all visitors must be out by 6:30 p.m.” Linda said. Rubye smiled, overwhelmed by all the information.

On her last trip to bring the donations to the receiving room, she noticed a girl, probably around 11 or 12, wearing a headscarf and with what Rubye assumed to be her baby sister in her lap. “Um, hi?” Ruybe said hesitantly. “Hello! You brought all those donations, did you not?” she said in a thick Russian accent. “Um, well, my sisters and I all did.” She said hesitantly. “Oh, you have sisters too? My little sister is asleep in my lap right now. I’m watching her while my mother is at work. You and your sisters are so kind. That pile is taller than I am and twice as thick!” she said cheerily. Ruybe, heartened by the girls kind demeanor, sat down by her.


“What’s your name?” Rubye asked her. “Oh, silly me, I forgot to properly introduce myself! I’m Rebekah. I just moved here from Russia a couple years ago. Oh, there I go again. My mom says I run like the wind and talk twice as fast!” Said Rebekah, with a hint of a laugh in her silvery voice. “How old are you?” Rubye asked. “12. How old are you? Oh, wait, I forgot to ask you what your name is?” “Rubye. Rubye Althea. I’m 11. I’m turning 12 on June 9th.” said Rubye. “Ooohhh! Such a lovely name! I always wished my name was Tatiana, but of course I couldn’t talk when I was little. My sister here is lucky. She got named Tatiana.” Rebekah said. They talked from 9:00 in the morning till 12:00, when the lunch bell rang. “Oh,” Rebekah said sorrowfully. “You should probably go. It must be lunch time” “Oh! You are right!” said Rubye. “You’ll visit, won’t you? It gets awfully lonely here sometimes. The only other kids that are here are all younger or older than me.” Rebekah said anxiously. ” Of course I will!” Said Rubye. I’ll visit you every Saturday at 3:00! My mom already said she could drive me here once a week on Saturdays if I wanted too! I’ll see if I can come on Tuesdays too!” Rubye said. “OK, meet you right here next Saturday!” Replied Rebekah.

“Bye!” Rebekah called. I couldn’t wait for next Saturday!

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  • Cute story. Have you ever thought of a photostory series?

    • kathleen Link Reply

      Thanks! I have, but I would worry about having enough time to really finish and make sure I had a good storyline and good photography.
      I’m working on a stopmotion right now, so keep your eye out for the trailer!

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