Things I’m Loving – August 2017

Hello all! I’m back with another “Things I’m Loving”, this time in August.

Musical Theatre



Be More Chill

Miraculous Ladybug

Doctor Who**

Mystery books

Writing Fanfics


Are you interested in any of these? Have any good musical suggestions?



*A couple of my favorite poets are Rupi Kaur, Erin Hansen, and Atticus

** I just started watching this recently. I’m still only in s1 of new who. Within five seconds of Jack Harkness being onscreen he was my favorite.

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  • Hello! I found your blog through one of you AG posts. Really enjoyed it! Things I’m loving right now are traveling and seeing friends… and writing! And love musicals. My favorite is called Newsies

    Keturah @

    • Hi Keturah!
      I saw on your blog that you do NaNo. That’s really cool! I love Newsies, too.


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