Tips and Tricks for Saving on American Girl Dolls

Here are my top tips and tricks for saving on all things dolls. From getting dolls that are almost the same quality, but much cheaper, to doll clothes at the same quality for half the price.


Our Generation $23 – $35

Amazing quality for the price! They did have some issues with hair quality, but our newest doll (we got her in December) is OG and her hair is amazing. Their hair is about 3x as thick as an average AG dolls, which can get frustrating if you would like to do fancy shmancy hairstyles on them (i.e. it is pretty much impossible to get all their hair in a single braid. If you want to do a single braid, try braiding three different already braided sections together.) The $20 dolls are hard vinyl (like AG dolls) and come with no extra accessories. The $30 dolls are soft vinyl, and have wiring in their cloth so that they can bend and look more realistic. They also come with some accessories, which are also really good quality. They are mainly blond hair or blue eyes, but they have a Hispanic doll (Alejandra,) an few African American dolls (Abrianna is one) and a biracial doll (Kaylee.) All of their non-caucasian dolls are $20 dolls.


My Twinn $50 – $80

Currently the most realistic 18″ dolls on the market, these are even more amazing quality! Made of pthalate free vinyl, and made in the US, (neither of which AG does) these are probably the most people friendly 18″ dolls. I don’t have any, but I know that they have really nice hair, and are exactly the same size as AG dolls.


American Girl

Occasionally American Girl will have free shipping, and right now Bitty Babies are $10 off.

They have some big sales on Cyber Monday and occasionally in January.

You can also buy dolls at thrift shops, or on Craigslist, Ebay, or Goodwill’s auction site.

Check back soon for more tips and tricks!


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