Custom Doll Stuff #1

I wrote this post about three years ago. I thought it would be fun to post it and see how different I am now. So, without further ado:

I love to dream up custom dolls. It’s always been a goal of mine to fully create a custom, from looks to personality to wardrobe. AG may have just come out with a create-your-own feature, but I’d still like to make my own.

I decided to start sharing a few custom dolls I’ve been dreaming up — this is my absolute favorite and I’ve been dreaming of her for ages.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Echo.

2015_03_06_08_27_43Photo Credits: Owned by AG, Edited by Me

Full Name: Echo Aria Story Winslow

Looks: Light Jess mold, dark blue eyes, light freckling, long curly black hair

Echo enjoys piano, science, violin, swimming, photography, singing, tap dance, musical theatre, and vintage clothing. She lives in NYC with her parents and her 17 year old sister Holly.*

“Echo” Book 1 —  Nine year-old Echo Aria Story Winslow isn’t exactly the most outgoing person ever. She’s loved performing since she could walk, but she has massive stage fright! Will Echo ever learn to share her passion for music and dance?

“Echo Steps Up” Book 2 — Echo’s school is putting on a talent show! She’s looking forward to helping on the backstage crew, making sure props are ready, and working on lights. Between that and helping her older sister Holly pack for college, she has a whole lot to think about. When the star performer gets sick the day of the talent show, will Echo find a way to save the day?

“Bravo, Echo!” Book 3 — After the success of Echo’s act in the school talent show, a local theatre company contacts her about auditioning for the main role in their upcoming musical. Echo soon enters a world full of tap-dancing chimney sweeps, penguins, and daily rehearsals. But when Echo’s friend Ava becomes jealous of all the attention Echo is giving to her new friends, can anything ever be the same again?

Cheesy? Yes. But amusing to write.

I like uncommon names, in case you can’t tell. 🙂

Have you ever made a custom doll?


* Holly also has an extremely long name: Holly-ann Elowyn Winslow. In case you can’t tell, Holly and Echo’s parents are writers and huge epic fantasy fans. 😉

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