Custom Doll Stuff #2

This is yet another 3-year-old post pulled from the depths that is my blog post drafts.

I had a lot of fun writing that last Custom Doll Stuff post, so I thought I’d write some more about my favorite custom doll ideas. Obviously, I’m not going to make all of these, but a girl can dream!

Ones Inspired by Book / Movie Characters

#61 Lily stock photoKathleen Murphy from “Kathleen: The Celtic Knot” books by AG / Girl of Many Lands

I’m sure that if you’ve been interested in AG for a while, you’ve seen the GOML dolls. If not, click here to learn more about them.

Anyways, since Summer 2013 I’ve been trying to find the Kathleen one. We have a lot of similarities and I loved her book. I would really like to make an 18″ version of her.

Hence, Kathleen.

I would give her the Monique “Arielle” wig in carrot.

Becca Ana Nicki stock photo GOTYAna Rubin from the Rebecca Books by AG

I’m hoping to customize our Ana (Nicki) to look a bit more like canon Ana.

I’m going to be using the Monique Roxanne wig in Light Brown.

Minerva-Inspired Doll from Artemis Fowl (Minerva River Vain/River Minerva Vain)

Minerva is amazing. Enough said.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, or haven’t yet gotten to the 5th Artemis Fowl book (The Lost Colony), you really need to read it. I guess it does have a very specific audience, so some people might not enjoy it, but if you’re nerdy, a bookworm, read a lot of sci-fi, and enjoy snarky British humor, you should read it.

Anyways, Minerva. Minerva is a 12 year old genius, and she has a lot of similarities to Artemis. I absolutely adore her character, and I thought it would be fun to make a custom doll.

She’ll be a bit changed from canon-Minerva, because there really isn’t much of her in the books. Her name will probably be River Minerva Vain, and maybe Minerva River Vain.

Anyways, she’ll be a #53 with the Curled Cutie Bavas wig in light blond. I’ll also hand paint some freckles.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Obviously, I absolutely would love a Hermione custom.  I haven’t found a wig that I like yet, nor have I found a perfect doll.

I think we’re planning on going Goblet of Fire for her. I see some Yule Ball gowns in my future.

Historical Customs

Korean WW2 doll

I really don’t know much about this girl yet. She’s just kind of beginning to form in my mind. I don’t know what she’ll look like exactly, though I’m thinking TM #62, and the Glamour Girl wig from Bavas International in Ebony.

General Modern Customs

Grace Winifred

Grace Rinna Düeren

Grace (actually almost the whole Düeren family) is essentially supposed to be my mini-me.

Katelyn (my first doll) is kinda my younger self mini-me, like me at age 8 or so. I’ve changed quite a bit since then, so that is why Grace and Marie are my going to be my new mini me-s.

Grace will have the Bavas International Glamour Girl wig in Auburn, painted on freckles, and some possible re-painting.

Willow Mae Dueren

Willow is another Dueren family gal.

She’ll be a #35, with a RRG Curly Parting Wig in Auburn.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

If you could make one custom doll, what would they look like?


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  • Woah, this post is amazing! I was like WAIT WAHT IS SHE ACTUALLY GONNA MAKE ALL THESE but then I read that you said you weren’t XD It’s been so much fun to see all your combinations, though.


    • Haha, I’m glad you liked it! I wish I could, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to. It’s been years and I still haven’t made a single custom. Thanks for reading!


  • minerva!! i love her and your plan for the costum doll sounds amazing. if you do get around to making any of these, you need to post a tutorial because i have no idea how to customize dolls.

    xo loren

    • Isn’t she great? I️ love custom doll tutorials so I definitely will.

      – Kathleen

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