About Me! Part 1 – Dancing Unicorns

I’m sure you all want to get to the dancing unicorns part, but you’ll have to wait a sec so I can explain this.

So, if any of you have seen my about page, you’ll know that it is blank, empty, zero, nada, zip. Yeah. Whoops. I’m starting a series of posts about me, and when they’re posted I’ll also link them to my about page, so you can learn more about me.

I know, I know: Why don’t you just post all of this on your about page? Erm, I tried it. It was very, very, very long. It literally took me 10 minutes to read the whole thing, and it was eight thousand words. Yeah. You aren’t going to want to read all that in one go.

So this is kinda the main facts about me. Hobbies, favorite colors, etc.

Credit notes are on some of them, others are being added, and some I cannot find. If you know where any of these are from, please let me know.

Also, please know that I have not looked at many of these websites, so I don’t know what you might find on them.


Credit: http://erikaverginelliblog.com

I’m Kathleen, a bookworm-ish, nerdy, doll loving, dancing tween.

girl reading big book


My nose is often in a book.


Credit to American Girl

I love American Girl,


Credit to Our Generation

Our Generation,


Credit to Many Small Friends (manysmallfriends.com/sewing-and-knitting-for-hearts-for-hearts-shola/)

Hearts for Hearts,

hearts fir hearts 63F913FF-9B44-4AC6-8FE5-39CF167E0950

Credit to My Twinn

and My Twinn dolls.

toe stand hard shoes

can’t find credits

I’m an Irish,

pointe ballet shoes

Credit to Fabio Milani


row of tap shoes

can’t find credits

and tap dancer.

Dumbledore's Army

can’t find credits

I have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter, which is the best book ever,

fabric and trims

can’t find credits



Cannot find credits


doll hairstyle


doll hairstyling,

AGSmiless and Jenna Livia Maxton

Credit to AGSmiless (youtube.com/channel/UCYsu9KAfXX3UL027SJbm-8g)

and stop motioning are really great. (For those of you who don’t know, this is Alexis/AGSmiless and her doll Jenna/Livia/Maxton)


Credit to me 🙂

I own an Etsy shop.

Red inspiration photo

Benedict Gacutan

I’m currently editing one book,

stars book inspiration

can’t find credits

and writing another (CAMP NANO YAY!).

nerdy abraham lincoln shirt

Can’t find credits

I’m a history nerd. (Isn’t that shirt fabulous?)


can’t find credits

I may or may not waste spend a bunch of my time on Pinterest. I have 5,490 (and counting) pins; 852 Irish dance, 993 doll related pins, 663 writing, 468 sewing inspiration and such pins, and 117 Disney. Not to mention all my other boards. (Here’s my account)

mint green packages

can’t find credits

My favorite colors are mint green,

dark green rings

can’t find credits

dark green,



 and turquiose.



I also like lilac.

emma watson

can’t find credits

Emma Watson is one of my favorite people (note to self: must eat strawberries with a fork),


Can’t find credits

as is Malala Yousafzai,

michaela deprince


Michaela DePrince,

gabby douglas

Official photo for US Gymnastics Team

and Gabby Douglas.

bethany hamilton

can’t find credits

Bethany Hamilton is pretty great too. (Yes, I have read her book and saw her on the Amazing Race)

jess picture 7DCD68BC-EBE1-4BF9-987D-1F42D76B2FA3

KaraleeLS on Flickr

Racial diversity is something that I think is extremely important in books, movies, dolls, anything.


Credit goes to Disney (blogs.disney.com)


Disney screenshot

My favorite movies are Enchanted (I’m the kinda person who acts like Giselle half the time and the other half is a logical person who says “it’s reality.”)


Credit to Disney



can’t find credits



Credit: enchantedengland.tumblr.com



Image Source Disney.  I cannot find who edited it



Credit (aidyreviews.net/blu-ray-review-ella-enchanted/)

and parts of Ella Enchanted. The book is better, but I like the movie as a stand alone sorta-thing.


Credit (ebooknetworking.net/books_detail-1599903946.html)

I’ve already mentioned Harry Potter, but my other favorite books are The Books of Bayern series,


Credit to Barnes and Noble

The Giver,


Credit to Barnes and Noble

and the 13 Treasures series.

My favorite music/artists is Irish anything,


The Giver soundtrack, (this will literally play for hours on end at our house.)

Prince Avalanche,


Patrick Doyle,

Harry Potter movie soundtrack 4, 5, and 6,

Angie Miller (Big Angie fans at our house. Claire cried when she was voted off AI),

along with Harry and the Potters, largely because of how funny it is. I don’t really enjoy the actual singing.

Unicorns are awesome.

My favorite show ever is Fetch (it was discontinued about 6 years ago, but it is on Netflix and Hulu Plus, and is great for all ages. Even my parents love it!)

and I’ve seen one episode of Brain Games, which was really cool. Again, nerdy person warning.

I love pizza,




and more glitter.

I speak in what my friend calls Ye Olde English, which mainly consists of thereof, furthermore, technically, and my favorites: theoretically and logically. 🙂

Yeah, so these are my main hobbies and such. 🙂 I’ll post more soon, mainly going into more details about what I wrote here.

All photos are on my Pinterest board, Dolls and Dance. You can find out credits and all there. 🙂

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  • We have a good bit in common….this is really funny. Like yeah wow. I knew that…but didn’t realise that. 😀

    • Yep, it is, isn’t it? 😀
      I really should have said the bit about Trinity……

      Yeah, that happens to me sometimes.

  • I loved learning more about you! I will definitely have to try reading the books you love, I also dance, are you on pointe yet? That is awesome that you are writing a book!

    • Thanks! Ummm….not yet. This coming year I’ll be going into the level below the pointe class, so in a year or two I will. 🙂 I’m also really young to be doing pointe as of today, so…..Plus all the dance has already given me 5 injured/broken bones. 🙁


  • It was fun learning about you! We have a lot in common:)

    • Opps! Sorry about the duplicate comments! The first one wouldn’t load so I commented a second time, and then the first one decided to load 😛

    • Oh, wow! Yes we do!

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