My Favorite Dresses from Oireachteas – Eastern Canadian Region

Here are a few of my favorite Irish Dance solo dresses I have seen from Oireachteas.

Eastern Canadian Oireachteas


Blue and Silver 

Gradient Pink and White

White, Purple, and Blue


Pink, White, and Gold


Blue, Black, and White

Purple, White, and Blue

Black, Green, and Yellow

Purple, Black, and White


Silver, Black, and Pink

Silver, Blue, and Black

Blue, Gold, and Black

Teal and Green

Green, Gold, and White


u11 – u15 will be up soon, as well as some of my favorite dresses from other regions.



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  • This is perfect! I’m thinking of making Irish Dance dress for dolls.

    • Oooh, really? That’s kind of funny, I’m actually working on one right now!

      I have these two other ID solo dress posts here and here if you’d like to look at them. 🙂

      Are you an Irish dancer? 🙂 🙂 🙂


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