Awards and Tags- Darling Doll Blog Award, the New Blogger Award, and the Summer Bucket List Tag!

I’ve recently gotten several awards, so I thought I would make a post with them. 🙂

Firstly, 50, 000,000 thanks to these girls! I never would have thought that my blog would get any awards, so this made me super excited. 🙂

Darling Doll Blog Award from L. Rose

1.If you could bring back a retired doll from AG, which one would it be?

Hmm……. If I could choose four, they would be Kanani, Cecile, Felicity, and #15. If I had to just choose one, it would be really close, but Kanani is my all time favorite AG doll ever. She’s such a gorgeous doll.
2.If you had to get rid of all your dolls but one, which one would you keep?

Don’t make me do this!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t choose!!!!!!!!!!
3.What do you want a future GOTY to be like?

You can see one of my GOTY ideas here, but I’ve had several new ones recently. My favorite would look something like this:

The dark blue eyes (Kit and Nellie both have them) or Saige’s aquamarine eyes,  shoulder length black hair, freckles, Jess mold, and either light or medium skin.


4. Scarves or Shoes?

Hmm……don’t really care much, haha.
5.How long have you been blogging?

A year and two days! 😀 (I got the New Blogger Award months ago, fyi)


I nominate:

Nicole from Wardrobe of Memories

Maddie from Dolls on My Mind

Loren from Happy House of AG

Leah from ToDolly Awesome

Jaclynn from Little House of American Girl

Madi from Delightful World of Dolls (I know, that’s six, but I love all these blogs!)


There are other doll blogs I like quite a bit also, but they already had gotten the Darling Doll Blog Award or they don’t have a Name/URL comment option, so I couldn’t tell then I had nominated them. (Vinyl Girls, AG in the Shire, DWOD, etc.)


So, Nicole, Maddie, Loren, Leah, Madi, and Jaclynn:

-You answer the 5 questions

-Then you nominate five people

-And write 5 questions for them to answer

– Finally, you comment on their blog to tell them you have awarded it to them.


Questions for you:

1. What would your dream GOTY be? What does she like doing? What’s her backstory?

2. What are your favorite things on doll blogs? (Photoshoots, photo stories, stop motions, DIYs, hairstyles, sewing, etc.)

3. What is your favorite book that isn’t that well known?

4. What are 5 facts people who haven’t met you in real life would never guess?

5. If you could meet any AGTuber, who would you meet? If you could meet any AG (or any other doll brand, really) blogger, who would you meet?


New Blogger Award from Nicole:

1. What was the first doll you received?

For 18″ in general: I’ve had baby dolls for years, but the first 18″ doll I ever got was  OG Katelyn. I put her up on the Meet The Dolls page, so you can read more about her there.

You can read more in my blog-o-versary post


2. What is your favorite season?

Undoubtedly Fall or Spring. Winter is pretty fantastic also. Pretty much anytime it rains a lot. 🙂


3. What is your favorite movie?

Oi, ok. Erm…Brave, Narnia, the Secret of Kells, and Harry Potter are all some of my favorites, but  nothing can compete with Jig. If you haven’t seen that, go on Netflix and search it. It is absolutely fantastic. I’m actually watching it while I post, haha.


4. What type of outfit would you like to see me sew?

Same things you’re sewing now. 🙂 One with Celtic knots would be pretty fantastic also.


I’m going to nominate: *waves fairy wand and beautiful dress appears while I cackle madly as Bellatrix because that is all I think of when I see the fairy godmother*

All silliness aside,

L. Rose




You have to:

Answer my questions

Nominate one person. They must have been blogging for less than a year and have less than a hundred posts.

Write four questions for them to answer

Comment and tell them that they were nominated


Questions for you:

1. What would your dream GOTY be? What does she like doing? What’s her backstory?

2. What are your favorite things on doll blogs? (Photoshoots, photo stories, stop motions, DIYs, hairstyles, sewing, etc.)

3. What is your favorite book that isn’t that well known?

4. What are 5 facts people who haven’t met you in real life would never guess?


The Summer Bucket List Tag from Ellie:


The Rules are:

1. Write 15 things that you want to do this summer (if you can’t think of 15 that’s okay) and publish it in a post.

2. Insert the picture. (nope, don’t feel like it)

3. Nominate 4 other people to do the tag.

4. Have fun!

UPDATE: I’m marking which I did and which I didn’t.

So, my summer bucket list:

1. Visit the AG store

Technically, I want to do this in September, but anytime in summer would be ok, too! Did not do this.

2. Get Kit and Nahji

Self explanatory, haha. Got Nahji, not Kit.

3. Go ice skating

Also self explanatory, haha. I did do this!

4. Stay at my grandparents house for a few days

We don’t get to see them that often, but I stayed at their house for a few days, and it was bliss. 😀 Not this.

5. Sell some of my solo dress designs

I haven’t talked about this, I guess. Anyways, in Irish dance, you can get a solo dress once you get to a certain level. I love to design solo dresses, and I’d love to try and sell some. OR this.

6. Start selling my doll clothing patterns

Through Pixie Faire, hopefully. 🙂 I’m working on perfecting one, so I can hopefully finish perfecting it this month or May, and then get it all computerized and the directions written up. If I focus, I can get it probably all done in August or so. Or this.

7. Win Camp NaNo!

This is Camp Nano. Wanting to win it is self explanatory. I’m slaving away on the April one right now, but I doubt I’ll win, so I’m hoping for July. But I did do this!

8. See my cousin

I haven’t seen her in ages! Well, technically, I saw her in March, but I was trying to get ready for somehting and we only got to talk for a few minutes. I saw her, but only for a few minutes because yet again she came over while I had to do something.

9. Read some classics.

I read the Little House on the Prarie series years ago, but I’d like to reread that, Narnia, Little Women, etc. Also, I’ve never read Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer, so I’d like to read those. Read Narnia, Little Women, Three Musketeers, etc., but not Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer.

10. Audition for a movie/tv show/commercial

Also self explanatory. Kind-of did this.

11. Take a  lyrical summer class

Self explanatory. I didn’t do this, but I’m taking lyrical in the fall/spring semesters.

12. Perfect my jumps and spins and SPOT!

Ballet is hard, man. I learned a few days ago that I’ll be moving up two levels next year instead of one, and changing from being the oldest to one of the youngest, so I really need to work on my dancing. (So apparently I needed to practice more because my ballet class is confusing)

13. Post more

If you follow my blog, you know what I mean. I most definitely have not done this.

14. Join a doll forum

Preferably AGHomeschool. I don’t know if my parents would let me, though, so this is a maybe. I’ve not done this.

15. Take Spunky and Sweet to a craft fair

Booths are so expensive! I did this, but in early fall.

The people who are nominated:







L. Rose, Ellie, and Nicole all have fantastic blogs (hence why they got nominated,) and I check them every day! Thanks a lot, girls!


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