Randomness, Writing, and………Experimental Scientists?!?!?!

So, today I decided that I want to do some tips and tutorials. Their crazinesses were told about it, and they quite liked the idea, so they chose a theme for themselves.

Hailey’s Tips for Success:

Tips for how to get better grades and how to plan for big projects and such.


Baking with Rubye and Alejandra/Baking with Rubye/ Cooking with Alejandra:

Cooking tips and tricks, as well as a few recipes we use. Depending on whether both or one of them is doing it, it will have a different name. Rubye does more baking, and Alejandra more cooking, hence the different names.


Sydney’s Spotlight:

Featuring different dance – related items for dolls, such as books, outfits, and performance wear. 🙂


Emily’s Guide to Manners and Grammar:

Manners and grammar. (Yes, Mom, I’m voluntarily helping her. Your eyes are not deceiving you.)


Ruthie’s Fairy Tales:

Short stories, fairy-like names, etc.


Sewing with Becca Ana:

Sewing tips, tricks, and tutorials


Fashion with Bella Rose:

Bella’s favorite outfits!


Malaila’s Library:

Book reviews, and some of those “If you like this, you’ll love………..” 🙂


Rachel the RaNDom:

Whatever things are currently on Rachel’s mind 🙂


Piper the Experimental (and Temperamental) Scientist

Piper doing science-y things


Nikita’s Photography

Some of the Nikita’s favorite photographs that she has seen


Tipi’s Writings

All things writing


Nyesha’s Artful Thinking

Art, painting, etc.


Katelyn’s Break the Ice

Katelyn will be talking about whatever she wishes, basically. 🙂 Even though I hate talk shows, it’ll be set up a bit like that, with her occasionally interviewing her sisters. And her name is because she’s breaking ice between her and anyone who wants to talk to her by giving them ideas for talking to her. She came up with that, not me. Clever……..hehe…………….*cricket noise*………………r……….i………….g……..h…………t……….? *runs off stage*


I’m having trouble with choosing some of them. I might change a few of them, eventually. I thought about someone doing a series of posts about people from all over the world, but that doesn’t quite fit anyone’s personality. If anyone’s interested, I can do those posts though, just written by me.

Anyways, keep an eye out for these!


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  • This sounds really neat, Kathleen!
    I like Katelyn Breaks the Ice for a name too! How about doing it on making friends, and breaking the ice. 😉
    Can’t wait to see!:)

    • Thanks! 🙂
      Haha, ok, prepare for some awkward posts! XD
      Yay! I’m actually working on a Malaila’s Library post right now.

  • FYI to anyone other than Sunny: This will probably sound like complete gibberish, so just ignore it 🙂

    Ok, so we had the whole “should we move this?” but before that, you said:

    Cool! Who are the other triplets?
    I used to have an OG doll named Sandie, but I had to get rid of her b/c she somehow got some stains on her (which were caused by no one, they just magically appeared).
    You’re welcome.
    Ooh, I like that! It really fits her well.
    Wow, that’s so exciting!! Congratulations!! When will you decide what you’re going to be getting?
    I do like customs-I think it’s a really cool idea. I don’t think I would like to make one because I think it would be kind of hard to rewig the doll and stuff. But it might be fun. So, maybe someday.


  • I replied with:
    Rubye and Katelyn, first and fifth. 🙂
    Oh, it was probably by the clothes. They do that sometimes. It happens to us, too, but we use a magic eraser and it works perfect! Speaking of, I think I need to work on Hailey’s arms a bit…
    Thank you!
    Umm, depending on whether or not my parents decide yes to the lot (which is more money then we have, so we would sell the extra outfits to get the money back, or return the Surjan I bought to resell) and if we can, then I would bid on that. If it went out of our price range, we would get the wig. If we do get it, than we might return the Surjan (wait a second….I’m now envisioning a custom H4H….maybe we won’t return her…….) to buy the wig, or if we have extra money from reselling the clothes we will use that for the wig, cause I seriously cannot do anything with her hair.

    I love them, too! Yeah, I feel the same. Tricky, but IMO, totally worth it! At first, I was planning on re-wigging a OG before doing an AG, but honestly I’m just going to do Becca’s. And hey, if I mess it up she can always be sent to the doll hospital.

    And, since the lot has now obviously finished: We didn’t get it.
    We found out that one of the dolls we want is being retired (#38, who we’ll name Hazel), so I think we’ll get her if possible, than the wig, than Kit. 🙂 IDK if we’ll even be able to get Hazel, though, because IDK how long it takes for MyAGs to sell out.

  • Cool. 🙂
    Oh, okay! Too bad I don’t have her still, that would’ve been so easy to get off.
    You’re welcome! 🙂
    Okay, I like it! Sounds like a good plan. 😉
    I think you should, especially b/c her hair is so bad. And yeah, that’s true, you always could. 😉
    Aw, that’s too bad. But that’s a LOT of money, so it’s probably better you didn’t win the bid.
    Great idea! And Hazel’s such a great name for that doll. IMO, I think the MAGs probably take a while to sell out, since they don’t make an announcement like they do w/ the historical characters.

    • 🙂
      Yep! It is pretty easy. Sometimes you have to work really hard to get it off, though.
      Thank you! *bows*
      Yep, I think so, too.
      Yeah, it is! It came with a ton of clothes and stuff, though, so if I had that much I would of bid on it because IMO the money would be worth it.
      Thanks! In case you haven’t noticed, I love coming up with names. 🙂 I did just remember that the name Hazel is associated with the Salem Witch Trials and witchcraft, but I think it’s been long enough that not many people know that, especially the age range that most people who read my blog are. I’m sure some teens know that, too, but……yeah. Anyways, I hope she doesn’t sell out too fast! That would be what I would think, too.

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