My Thoughts On The New American Girl Releases – Part 1


MYAG Stuff:

Coconut Cutie Outfit

Coconut Cutie Outfit $30 (Above)

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT SO MUCH! I don’t think the shoes match, so they would have to go with something else, but otherwise, it is ADORABLE! To me, the coral color of the skirt looks like something Isabelle would wear, and it will probably turn out to be Isabelle’s once we get her.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Bright Stripes Outfit

Bright Stripes Outfit (Above) $38

This is adorable! To someone who loves acting, this is totally perfect! I think it will go perfectly with the Doll Star accessories I bought a couple weeks ago! I wish it had white pants, so as soon as I get this I will be making some white pants, but it’s really cute! I do have to echo Leah from ToDolly Awesome by saying I really wish the pants were the same sparkly pink as the belt, though.

Rating: 7.9 out of 10

Skateboarding Set


Skateboarding Set for Dolls (Above) $42

This is also really cute! Love the color combo, and I am glad this release is mainly not as much pink, or not entirely pink. I would really have no use for the skateboard, but I may have to buy one next time I order something!

Rating: 7.5 out of 10


Petals and Plaid PJ’s (Above) $24

Again, not too much pink, most of the pink is in the plaid, and I love plaid, so I like this rather a lot. Cute design, love it on #49. These are going to be coming here when I get #49. (Probably)

Rating 7.5


Starry Hoodie Outfit (Above) $30

The hoodie, great, very cute. The pants: Meh. Those pants do not match! They might look cute with other things, but I really don’t like it with the hoodie. The shoes are cute, but they aren’t going to be my favorite shoes ever. They could go with a lot, but I think boots would be better with this outfit.


Sparkly Camp Outfit

Sparkly Camp Outfit (Above) $30

Again, something that looks like something Isabelle would wear. Cute color scheme, and I need more doll belts, but not something to go camping in. Has anyone from AG ever gone camping? I mean, really. Those boots are not for camping. At all.

Rating: If I ignore the name, 7.5



2-n-1 Cheer Set (Above) $48

This is OK. Not really a cheer kind of girl, but girls might like it who are cheerleaders.  I don’t like the color combo, but I like the dark blue. The crossover thing is…interesting (not my favorite style).

Rating: 6


Karate Outfit (Above)

Cute outfit, but I don’t do Karate and neither do any of my dolls, so I don’t think I will get it. My little brother says I need to get it, but…, meh.

Rating: 6


Part 2 coming soon!

Ok, now I am really signing off.


What do you think of the new releases?

Ok, this time I’m serious.

Kathleen 🙂





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  • Amanda Link Reply

    Hi Kathleen! This article is really cool and helpful when trying to buy an outfit! It’s overwhelming with all the clothes ag has!! For part 2 can you talk about Isabelle’s clothes? Thanks!!

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