Retirements 2015 – Conclusion with updates as of 2/27/15

This is the conclusion to the post Retirements 2015 – Kit, Caroline, and Josefina and the post Retirements 2015 – Addy and Rebecca.

First, I’m going to copy and paste what I think about each doll to remind you.

Rebecca has been one of my favorites ever since she came out. She was the doll that was coming out as I was getting into AG, and since then I wanted to be an actress and dancer, she really appealed to me. I still love her, and I love to learn about the world during WW1, and so I just like her overall.

I love Addy, and I think her character is a very good role model. We would love to have her, and she brings some much needed diversity to BeForever.

Kit is a really strong character in the books and some of the historical characters seem a bit conceited and bratty, so I hope that they keep her. Plus, the woman reporter in the 1920’s/30’s plot is becoming a trend in books (e.x.- Hattie Big Sky and Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson.) She has also been a big seller in the past, so AG might not retire her in the hopes that she will become really popular again. I think that a lot of girls in the target age range (target age range is 8-12 for the 18″.)  really like her, Claire and I included. The thing that pushed me to put her on my wishlist was when I found out that she had the dark blue eyes (which only three AG dolls have ever had.) Her character is really fun.

Josefina wants to be a healer, (1824 equivalent of a more natural doctor) so I think it is partially important for her to keep her because of that. Seeing as how basically none of them are anything very STEM-focused (not that they really knew much about how the human body worked in 1824) it is nice to see that in a girl’s toy line. I mean, we have a reporter, an actress, a girl’s rights activist (or two? Would Samantha count as one? Or more of an equality activist?), and a sailor. (I don’t know what Addy and Kaya would really grow up to be.) A girl’s rights activist is a very good cause, but I’m glad that there is someone focused on science. Another one of the things I really like about her is that she is one of the non-Caucasian dolls in the BeForever line.

I’m not super fond of Caroline. Releasing a second doll with blond hair and blue eyes in the BeForever line was pretty risky in my opinion. I don’t really like her character (she is one of the ones who sounds really bratty in bits of her books) and a lot of her newer clothes are either really cheap looking, aren’t historically accurate, or just not at all appealing. The only things I would even want from her collection is her Travel Outfit, her Nightgown, and her Winter Coat.


I think this is the order from most likely to least likely that they will retire:

1. Josefina and Caroline

2. Rebecca

3. Addy and Kit


I think these are 5 of the most popular characters (though all the BeForever characters are) Caroline and Kit especially seem to sell well.


Josefina doll

Josefina not having her official BeForever release till this spring seems very fishy to me. I think it is either a “Say she will have one this spring to get everyone to calm down and therefore make the retirement an enormous deal” or a “We were going to retire her around the time BeForever was released, but decided not to. Working on her collection was postponed, so things weren’t ready in time” However, Cecile and Marie-Grace were supposed to have some things released last summer according to AG, but they were retired instead. I think it very odd that she did not have a big BeForever release. I know lots of people think she is perfectly safe because AG has said that she is having a big release in spring (is February 12th a winter release? Will they have another spring release?) but I think people should be a lot more worried than they are about her.


Kit doll


Kit is not at all doing well. They’ve done every single thing to help her sales already (i.e.-she already has a movie, she has tons of mysteries, tons of clothes, had a BFF doll, etc.) They put her in the “BeForever Spotlight” (which I’m suspicious they came up with just to help her sell) which basically sounds like “Hurry! Get her! If she doesn’t sell well with this she will be retired!” to me. I think her new BeForever collection has had the most negative comments about her new clothes, which is big for AG since she typically sells so well. She used to be one of their biggest money-earners, and now they’re flailing to regain her sales.


Rebecca doll stock photo


Rebecca also has sold pretty well. She has not done as well lately, but she also hasn’t been their best seller overall. I think the fact that she is Jewish is both helping and hurting her sales. Not as many girls relate to her because of that, but it is also a quite underrepresented niche in terms of dolls. The fact that she got a LE set (I’m talking about the 2014 ones, not 2015) for her sounds like they’re trying to put more attention on her. Another thing that might be hurting her sales is that some girls, including a few of my friends, weren’t allowed to read her last book for a few years after she came out because they mention some difficult topics. I think that the factory conditions and the strikes surrounding them are one of the things that has changed in the U.S., but some people might not want their younger girls reading abut the Triangle Factory Fire and such. I think it is a difficult topic to tackle, but surprisingly, AG handled it well.


Addy stock photo doll


I think there is a lot of controversity about Addy possibly being retired. Because of AG’s “black dolls don’t sell” misconception, when they come out with the next African American doll, it is very possible she could be retired. However, she has been flying off the shelves since her BeForever makeover. I think they will want to keep her, but they might wait to see if she is still selling this well in the long run.


Caroline doll


There are a lot of people with different opinions about whether Caroline is going to be retired. She too sells well, but I think the War of 1812 isn’t as well known, and for younger girls who have no clue that it even exists, that can be a big deal. Less parents are going to want to buy a $110 doll whose hair could be wrecked in a matter of days, though, so she is missing out on a lot of sales because of that. However, there is the fact that she sells well, especially to adult collectors. She does  have some issues with her cousin though, and the fact that Grace does too does not seem to be helping  her.

Some more things to think about:

In the February 12th release, neither Josefina nor Caroline got anything (at least not doll stuff.) True, Caroline got a mystery, but they keep selling the mysteries even after the doll is retired. Josefina’s Journey book does have a slot waiting on Amazon, so maybe that is a sign that she will be having a re-vamp. Her book is set to be released August 27th (I think we know the date for the summer release now) and I bet that they will do a big release for BeForever at that time, and most likely add the 2015 historical.

Remember Cecile and Marie-Grace? Remember how AG said that they would get more Summer 2014? They were retired Summer 2014. Is it just me, or does that sound like Josefina? Everyone is saying that Josefina is safe, but what if they’re wrong? What if AG is trying to make everyone think she isn’t going anywhere, but it is all a ruse?

Josefina has barely anything left in her collection. If you think like AG, then you have to wonder why they would make a whole re-vamp for a doll that is about to be retired. Making a new pattern, choosing materials and color schemes, sending it to the factory to be mass produced, having it go through customs, sending it to all the stores, writing descriptions, catalogue pages…… Why would you go through that much work if she  will be retired in a matter of months?

I think that Josefina could very well be on her way out, but Caroline has been having some issues also.

What do you think? Who will be retired? Do my predictions sound accurate to you?


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  • I think you are onto something…I believe Caroline may be on her way out. Have you seen her lack of collection lately? She has like three dresses and a coat. They did away with her nightgown and her Birthday dress. it sounds very suspicious. Good point on Josefina though…she doesn’t seem to be one everyone’s wishlists like some of the others. I don’t exactly trust AG after their huge four doll retirement. We’ll just have to see.
    Great post!

    • kathleen Link Reply

      Hi Lu!
      They got rid of her nightgown? I didn’t realize that. Apparently I need to get sewing…Doesn’t it? I honestly wouldn’t be very upset if Caroline was retired. She’s really pretty in my opinion, but she isn’t really the type of doll I would absolutely have to have.
      Isn’t it sad? I really like her, and she seems to have one of the better personalities, in my opinion.
      Me neither. If they do that again………..

  • My guess is Caroline, I hope I will be able to buy her before she retires 🙁

    • kathleen Link Reply

      I’m not quite sure whether I think it is more likely to be Caroline or Josefina. I hope you get her! I’m hoping to get Josefina. Maybe we can start an AG-don’t-retire-these-dolls-before-we-buy-them-please club. 😀

  • Hi Kathleen!! How can I follow you?

    • Hi Loren!
      So, when you comment, under the box to type it in, there should be 2 little check boxes with words by them. One says “Follow comments” and one says “Follow all posts.” (Or something like that). When you comment, you click on the box that says “Follow all posts.” Does that make sense?


  • I really enjoyed this post! Thanks for doing it!

  • Great post! Like you, I kind of hope they retire Caroline. No offense to anyone else, but I just never really liked her for some reason. I could never get into her books, some of her clothes look kind of cheapy, and a lot of her furniture’s pretty expensive. I hope they don’t retire Kit, I have her and she’s my absolute favorite AG. But I agree, they really bombed on her new stuff. Kit’s not supposed to like pink and frilly things! When she first came out, they made it work…none of her stuff was pink and it was still cute.
    On a positive note, I do like Kit’s new chicken coop outfit… 🙂

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. Honestly, my sister just read one of my Caroline mysteries, and shes topped halfway through, and she LOVES mysteries.
      I hope so, too! Kit is Claire’s absolute favorite also! One of the things that we have to remember, though, is that Kit also grew up in a time where she would have had to take what she could get. And seeing as how pink was such a popular color, even then, then the likely hood of having a pink outfit would have been more then getting a blue one. But yes, I do agree, they could lay off the pink a bit.
      Haha, yes, Claire and I love it, too!

  • I feel exactly the same way about the mystery thing. I got one of Caroline’s mysteries from the library a few years ago, and I read maybe about five pages before I stopped. I had absolutely NO idea what was going on! And that’s saying a lot for me, because I have a bunch of the AG mysteries and have read them multiple times. If Claire likes mysteries, I would really suggest the Rebecca mystery “Secrets at Camp Nokomis”, and the Julie mystery “The Tangled Web”. And of course all the Kit mysteries. Unless of course she’s read all of them already… 😉
    P.S. Sorry for the long comment. As you probably realized by now, I like to talk. XD

    • I know! It is so annoying! Ok, we’ll have to read those! Oh, trust me, she’s read the Kit mysteries. Kit is pretty much her idol.
      P.S. have you seen my comments on my first Retirements 2015 post? They’re about 10x as long. I feel you!

      • It really is annoying…
        Haha, I had a feeling! LOL, that’s funny!! 🙂
        P.S. I’m not sure if I have, but I will now!! Haha! I’ve seen you comment on Jaclynn’s blog before, your comments always make me giggle!! 😀

        • 😀
          P.S. Why thank you! *bows* I’ve has several bloggers say that to me recently.

  • I am surprised they are retiring Caroline! They just brought her out like, what, two years ago?

    • It was September 2012, so about two and a half years ago, yeah. Though originally she was supossed to be a LE since it was the 200 year anniversary.
      But then, so was Samantha, and she is still here. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Samantha was only here for a few years, also.

      • Wait…Samantha was only supposed to be LE? I heard rumors that she was, but I didn’t think they were true.

        • Yes 🙂
          Isn’t it kinda funny that the two Historical LEs they were having both became permanent, for lack of a better word?

          • I know, it really is! 😀 Those AG people are quite the tricksters… 😉

          • True, true. 😀

        • I’m stop motion-ing right now (the intro for the series is almost done, I just have to add music!) and I’m cheating, haha. In the scenes I can, I’m videotaping. :b

          • Haha, really? Too funny! (But to be honest, if I were you, I’d probably be doing the same thing. 😉 )
            I’ve never done a stop-motion. Is it hard?

          • Yes. :b I filmed the entire intro today….. all in video! Plus about half of the first episode is also in video, haha.
            Umm…..kinda. It’s more just about patience and precision (alliteration!). I have to finish filming the rest of the episodes (so 9 more) than I’ll schedule them all to publish, and after the first episode or two have been published, I’m going to post a video about kinda the behind-the-scenes of it all. Roughly how long each episode took, the process of stopmotioning, the lighting I used, when I filmed, how I made sure my dolls were stopmotion ready, etc. 😀 If you have any questions that you would like me to answer about the duration I use for it or something, just ask and I’ll answer in that. 🙂
            Also, my sisters learning stopmotion, so we keep trying to battle over which outfit and hairdo the dolls have because one will be wearing something in hers, and something else in mine. :b


          • Hahaha….seriously?? Well, don’t worry, I’m sure as time goes on, it’ll get easier.
            Ha, alliteration! I like that! But yeah, it does sound pretty tiring and hard.
            Okay, I will!!
            LOL, that actually sounds really funny, but I’m sure sometimes it isn’t. 🙂
            *Sunny 🙂

          • It better, haha!
            Urgh, yes! I’m hoping to film Episode 2 and 3 tomorrow, so wish me luck!
            It is funny sometimes….except this morning I spent ages fixing up Ruthie and Bella (OG Kaylee)’s hair, and then came in to find their hair in a ponytail. Grrr! 🙂


          • Haha!!
            Good luck! 😀
            Ugghhh! I feel ya!!

          • 😀
            Maybe I need a “Do Not Touch” sign.

          • Hahaha! Well, again, I wish you the best of luck and hope your sign works!

          • She left their clothes on and their hair done, but they were still scattered about the floor as they met one of our new dolls. (We got 6 Hearts for Hearts since February 18th from saved up money and old birthday money and allowance and chores and whatnot.)

  • Oh great! Well, at least the clothes and hair went untouched, but still…
    I guess those dolls just want to be very welcoming!! 😀
    WOW, 6 dolls since February 18??? That’s crazy, but also really cool! Hearts for Hearts Girls are REALLY pretty! Which ones do you have? I don’t have any yet, but maybe someday…. 😉

    • Yeah, I guess so! 😀
      I’m so happy! 😀 :d They’re being discontinued, so you might want to get one sooner rather than later. They have Dell for sale online (she’s much cuter in person) and a few outfits, and free shipping with orders 35+, so you could get an outfit and Dell. 🙂

      We have Malaila Anala Yūsufzai (Shola, but named after Malala Yousafzai, and changed up a bit), Piper Lucille Pensieve (renamed Dell; the Pensieves from Narnia’s cousin; 1940s historical), Rachel Chantal Zewedu (Rahel, also changed around a it, but not as much; our friends gave her to us); Nikita Priyanka Lila Anoushka Perumal (Surjan; it’s kinda like her and Lillian’s story mixed, but taking place in Nepal); Tipi (Tipi; Laos; same personality); and Nyesha Lakita Cruz (same backstory and all)
      I love them! 😀 The only ones we don’t want are Mosi (we saw in person yesterday, though, and I’m starting to fall in love. I do have another $25……) and Lillian, so…….

      I would absolutely recommend them! We got Malaila for $38 off Amazon, and Nyesha for $48, and I have no qualms with paying that price for them!

      • Oh my gosh, they’re being discontinued?!?! I had no idea, I just saw them a few weeks ago at my Target!!
        Ooh, awesome!! Thanks for the link! 😀 Dell is so pretty! I just checked out the website, I think my favorite is either Lauryce or Zelia. 🙂
        Cool, those are all great ones too. Especially Tipi, I love her hair. It looks so silky.
        Hmmm…maybe you should get Mosi if you’re starting to fall in love and you have the money…. 😉
        Fantastic!! I will totally look into them!

        • Yes! I’m so upset! Which ones were at your Target?
          She’s gorgeous! 😀 Those two are pretty high on our list, also!

          It’s so thick and pretty! When I was younger I always preffered the black with blue highlights kinda look (mow I prefer black with red highlights) and she has that. It’s making me fall in love with her even more. 🙂


  • I know, it’s really sad!
    This is gonna sound dumb, but honestly, I can’t remember. 🙂 I think maybe Dell, Nahji, and possibly Rahel? Those are the ones they usually have. Oh wait, I just remembered, I think they had a bunch of Zelias either last time or recently. 😉
    I know, I love them! They are amazing! 😀
    Wow, they did? Huh, that’s interesting. Unfortunately, the link you sent doesn’t work… 🙁 I did just see her on Doll Diaries, though, and think she looks super!
    I know right?? I really hope you can get her! 😀 LOL!


    • IKR?
      Haha, I can’t remember half the time, either. Oh, you’re soooooo lucky! Nahji and Lauryce are the ones we’ve been trying to find the most! I’ve only seen one Nahji and Lauryce here ever! Right now we just want Nahji, then Lauryce, then Zelia and Consuelo. And quite possibly Mosi. 🙂
      I know! Why must everyone not buy them and make them be out if business?
      Oh, weird! Go to and search Hearts 4 Hearts. Both the posts are fabulous. Actually, those are probably my two favorite doll reviews I’ve ever seen. Oh, well that’s good!
      Me too! More so Nahji, though!
      Ok. 🙂 That happens to me a ton also. 😀


      • Oh, also, I have something I want to email you about. Would your comment email work better for that, or would you want me to use your blog email?

        • Awesome! Well, I would say the one on my website b/c my main address stamps my real name on every email that I send. 😉 (Had no plans to start a blog then, LOL.)

      • Yes! Very!
        Wow, really? That’s interesting. Nahji is pretty big here, I think. Lucky, I hardly ever see Zelia! And Mosi is so pretty, I just love her face.
        I know right??? They always discontinue the best stuff, not just in dolls, but in food too! Stores/restaurants always seem to get rid of the stuff my mom loooves…why is that?!
        Okay, I will! Thanks. 😀
        I know…I can’t stop spending money! We were at the mall w/ my cousins yesterday and I spent it all…LOL!!! 😀

        • Nahji is spoken of with great reverance in our household. Almost as much as Kit. Maybe 1% less. 😉
          I like Zelia, but she hasn’t been here in the last few weeks. Mosi’s adorable, too, but every time I saw her I thought she looked sad. The one we saw the other day had thicker, prettier hair then the others, and her bangs covered her eyebrows, which made her look less sad, IMO.
          Funny story: We had called all the stores here (or so I thought) and we could only find Zelia, Shola, and Rahel. This was after we got Rahel and Shola, so we placed a hold on Zelia. The next day, we went to the store I had called. Turns out, it wasn’t the right one. I had actually forgotten to call it, and they had Surjan, wwho we liked even more than Zelia! Hence, Surjan. 😀
          Yes, restaurants seem to do that.
          Me neither! I went to Joann’s yesterday with $60 for fabric for clothes and spent it all on fabric for 2 skirts, a tank, and a dress. Sigh.


          • Huh, that’s strange about the bangs thing. Maybe if you get her, you should keep her bangs over her eyebrows all the time!
            LOL, seriously? That is such a funny story!! 😀 But I’m glad it worked out well.
            🙁 I hate when stuff like that happens!
            Hahaha!! You are too funny!! 😀
            LOL! I’m the same way w/ clothes. As much as I like them, I don’t like spending my own money on them. What does the fabric look like?

          • 😀
            I am glad too, haha! My parents went to Nepal once or twice, co we’ve been learning about Nepal recently.

            *bows* Why thank you, Madamoiselle! (It’s weird because I’m learning French and Gaelic but I’m awful at it.)
            Yeah, haha! Um..well, I’m going to make a coral tank; a calico with a cream background with little flowers; and a polka dot skirt.
            Plus, the EXACT fabric they used for one of Susan’s skirts in TLTWTW so I can make a skirt for Piper (the 40s historical who is related to the Pensieves).
            Argh that is a lot of typing. So, now that I’ve bored your ears off, what kinda fabric do you like?

          • Hi Kathleen! Sorry I’m getting back to you so late, I didn’t see you commented till now. 😉
            Wow, they have? That’s cool!
            Haha, you’re welcome! LOL, that’s funny. Gaelic sounds really cool, and I don’t know much in French (or how to write it either!!).
            Wow, those all sound AWESOME! It’s cool that you make your own doll clothes, not sure I could do that. And it’s also great that you can make clothes for yourself too, those sound really nice.
            Honestly, I guess I’m not much of a fabric person since I don’t know how to sew. But I like pastel colors and floral designs, especially roses as you can tell from my picture. 😉

          • Haha, then we’re even now!
            Yep! 🙂 I’ve seen loads of pictures, but that’s the closest I’ve ever been to traveling elsewhere, haha. 😀
            You can’t do Irish dance and not learn Gaelic. I know of 11 words that are Gaelic that you kinda have to learn because they’re the names of dances and whatnot.
            Why thank you! I’ve actually only sewn 2 pairs of pj pants for myself so far as far as sewing goes, but I’m trying to do more.
            I can go into Joann’s for hours on end and just stare at all the fabric. Claire calls me the fabric dragon. 😀
            I love pastels and florals also! Along with lace, sequins, bling, sari fabric, taffeta, bling, silk, bling, satin, and any thing shiny! Get the picture? 😀
            Oooh! I didn’t know roses could even be yellow! I thought that was photoshopped! I’ve only ever seen red and pink roses in person, and white roses online. From when I was around 7-10-ish, I thought that white roses were all mystical and mysterious and I loved them. 😀 I was going through a Hunters of Artemis/Percy Jackson/Archery/Silvery and white stuff/mystical/mysterious stuff phase, haha!
            “It does not do to dwell on our past because it can be very embarrassing” – Said by I-don’t-know-but-I’m-sure-someone-has-said-it-at-some-point-or-another :b

            Kathleen the crazy who makes up quotes

          • Yes, we are!! 😀
            WOW, that is so cool!! I’ve never been out of the US, unfortunately, and neither has my family. But my aunt and uncle have been to London a couple times, which is pretty cool. Once they brought me back some candy! And I think my grandma went to Poland once, but other than that, no one in my family’s much of a world traveler. 😉
            LOL! That’s really cool! I almost took Irish dance a few years ago, but I didn’t b/c my grandma got really sick and also cause that year I was absolutely SWAMPED with homework (this was before I was homeschooled). So I would have no time for it anyway. How long have you taken Irish dance? Is it hard, b/c it looks like it would be.
            You’re welcome! Wow, seriously, only 2 pairs of PJ pants? I would never have guessed. But hey, it’s better than nothing.
            Haha, really? And that’s funny- “the fabric dragon”. 😀
            Those are all great, I love those too! Haha, yes I do!!
            WOW, you didn’t?? Nope, they really are yellow and I have seen them in person before. They’re my favorite color of rose and I’m kind of obsessed with them now. 😉 Which you can tell from my profile picture. 😉
            LOL, really?? That’s interesting! I bet reading the books probably made your love for them worse, haha. Hopefully that made sense.
            Haha! That person, whoever they are, is so right. But I like to think about my past anyway!!

          • Aah! Sorry I took such a long time to reply!
            Oh, cool! I’d love to go Poland or England!
            Almost 4 years.:D Yes, it is extremely hard, and it’s tons of stamina exercises. I would reccomend watching Jig (it is on Netflix) or Strictly Irish Dancing. You would not start at the level those kids are at at, only 2% of Irish dancers in the US make it to Worlds. It gets expensive, after a few years or so. You travel to competitions (how many you want to do is optional) buy a school dress (around $100-$300, but ypu typically start out with a blouse and skirt), you can buy a wig (the big wigs they wear in Jig and Strictly Irish dancing are not really for beginners, alot less people are buying them and are instead using a bun wig or going all natural hair, but you will have to wear makeup for competitions, called a feis or feises, just like you would for ballet or any other dance form), and a solo dress. Riverdance or Lord of the Dance are good to watch too, but Lord of the Dance has some, erm, slightly innapropriate moments, so I would stay with Riverdance. IMO, LotD is more performance focused, whereas Riverdance is more dance and portraying the history focused. You should definitly do it, though.

            😀 well, technically, only that for people. Well, clothes anyways. I sewed myself my ID bag. I’ve sewn around 20 things for dolls. You can see one here.
            Argghh yes I hate growth spurts!
            Yep, fabric dragon! If you ever see me post something about all my fabric, just comment fabric dragon, haha!
            Oh, good! If you ever start ID, you gotta love some bling!
            Nopw! Haha, I guessed! How did you get your pic? Gravatar? Thats what a lot of people seem to be using.
            Yep, haha. I honestly don’t much like PJ much anymore….
            What about “The past is in the past!” 😀 true, true!

          • And….that was enormous. You got the extrmemly brief intro to ID. Imagine my brief one.

  • Haha, that’s OK! This is late too, so I apologize as well!! 😀
    Yeah, I’d love to go to Poland or England someday too. And Trinity College sounds cool too.
    Seriously? 😀 Whoa…that’s not good! Haha!
    Wow, that’s a long time! It does look/sound pretty hard.
    Thank you so much, but honestly I really don’t think I’ll be starting anytime soon. If I ever do, though, I will let you know. 😉 All the stuff you said was actually very interesting.
    Wow, you did? That’s impressive! And that’s also really cool you’ve sewn so much for dolls.
    Haha, I will!
    LOL!! 😀
    Do you mean how I got my picture to be my profile pic, or do you mean where did I get the actual picture? I got it to be my profile on Gravatar, but I got the picture from a site called, which is basically a site full of pictures you can take and don’t have to worry about copyright issues and all that. 😉 It comes in handy!
    Yeah, I never was into him, but my cousin went through a phase a few years ago where she was really into the books too.
    Ooh, yeah, I forgot about that one! Haha!

    • Well, mine is 16 hours late, so….
      That would be so cool! I would like to go to Ireland or Norway the most, I think. I’d love to go to some of the other countries in those areas, too, like Scotland and Denmark.
      Yeah, I won’t be doing it again!
      I guess it is a bit, haha. I’ve been doing ballet for almost 10 years, though, so…
      You should! 😀
      Thank you! *bows*
      I meant how you got it to be your profile pic, but I’ve also been looking for a good site like that, so that is great info!
      Yeah, I started the newest book, and it is one of only 4 books that I’ve never finished (at least that I remember). Not at all interesting.
      LOL, I go around singing that some times, haha!

      Kathleen, or rather not

      • Okay, I have broken the “lateness” record. This is over 24 hours late! I am sooo sorry!
        Ooh, yeah, those would be so fun to visit!! Especially Ireland! I’d also love to visit Germany, Italy, and Australia (and maybe bring home a koala bear 😉 )!!
        I would hope not.
        Wow, 10 years?? That is a LONG time, but that’s also really cool!
        Yeah, I’m sure I would like it! 😀
        You’re welcome! LOL!
        Oh, great!! I’m glad I could help you. I actually never heard of the site until I started my blog, my dad recommended it to me. 😉
        Oh, wow, that’s not good. Especially because there are only 3 books you’ve read that you’ve never finished. I take it you read a lot?
        Haha!! That’s really cool!!

        • Hey, no biggie! I noticed you were having fun commenting with Madi, and it’s not like you’re required to comment on my blog. Actually, I’m just surprised that I have this many followers (12!!!!!!!!) and this many comments (135! I think we did about 1/4 of those in this discussion……:b) !

          Give me any country in the UK and I will willing go, haha! Ooh, those would all be fantastic! Not to mention the fact that I’m super interested in WW2 and reading up on all the different perspectives, so that would be waaaaaay cool. Actually, that’s why I’m so interested in Norway: I love the role they played in that time.
          Why thank you! I’m rather surprised because the other day I just found out that I’m moving up a level in dance, and normally you stay longer in each.
          😀 😀 😀 XD, I think we’ll just write smiley faces till the end of time
          Thanks again! 😀 :d 😀 😀
          Oh, cool! I’ve heard of free clip art sites, like drawn by hand or the computer, but not images! FYI, this is not related to pictures, but I really love Kevin MacLeod’s site, Incompetech, for free not-copyrighted music for stop motions and what not, if you’re looking for that. 😀 There’s a ton of really cool ones.
          Weeeeeeeeell, I read all of Ender’s Game yesterday and the day before, and The Book Thief in 2 days, and then When You Reach Me and an AG mystery today, so…..seeing as how I check out a new book pretty much every day from the online library, yes, you could definitily say I’m a reader. 😀
          😀 It is, until you hear my voice sing it, LOL.

          • Aw, thanks!
            Yes, I was, but that definitely doesn’t mean I don’t want to comment here! It’s been really fun commenting back and forth with you.
            LOL, I think so! 🙂 But seriously, 12 followers and 135 comments is amazing!! When did you start this blog, BTW? I’ve been reading it for awhile. 😉
            Haha, me too! The UK is awesome!!
            Also, I think WW2 is really interesting. We’re going to learn about it in school in a few weeks, but first we have to get through WW1!! LOL!

            I know right? If you’ve seen my blog you know I’m obsessed with koalas. This obsession with them has just started! I’ve been obsessed w/ Australia for a while, and then one day I was just like, “I want a koala for a pet now!” so now I like to think about how fuzzy and cuddly a koala would be. Except watch out for those claws, haha!!
            You’re welcome! Wow, what an honor!! 😀 Congrats!!
            I think we will!! XD
            You’re welcome, again!! 😀
            Yeah, it’s really neat! Never knew there were free clip-art sites, but it makes sense.
            Cool! If I ever need them, I’ll definitely check that out!
            Haha, sure sounds like it. 😀 I am too-I read all the time!!
            LOL!! 😀 After I sent my last comment, I was gonna put, “I would probably do that too, but I’m no Elsa!”. Hahahaha!

          • 😀
            Aw, thanks! I really enjoy it, too!
            Thanks! Today is my one year blogoversary. I’m hoping to post, and the post is all written, but my mom has to approve it and we’re really busy.
            Haha, I know…a bit about WW1. I know more about the bits that effected WW2 alot.
            IKR? Argh!
            Koalas! Yayay! Australia! Yay!
            Yeah, I wish I could have too.
            Why thanks! 😀
            :D:D:D 😀 😀 I think so! Haha
            Haha! Funny! I’m not either, so….
            What dolls do you want to get next from AG?

  • Didn’t want to say anything, buuut…yeah, I have to admit, it was enormous. 😉 But also very interesting!
    Hahaha, I can’t even imagine…

    • 😀 Now you see what I mean about never shutting up. Oh well. At least if you start IDing you knwo there is lots more where that came from!

      • Haha! Don’t worry, a lot of times I am the EXACT SAME WAY!! 😀 I just talk and talk and talk….
        Yeah, that’s true!! LOL!

  • Lol, Sunny! We wrote 49 of the comments in this post!

  • Yeah, it’s fun!! 😀
    Wow, really? Well then, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! And whenever you post it, I will definitely read it! (BTW, is there a way to follow your blog?)
    Wow, that’s cool!! I personally like WW2 better, but that’s probably b/c I know more about it too. 😉
    Yes, aargh! That’s not fair to them!
    Yay to both of those!! 😀
    I know, that would have been SO fun!!
    You’re welcome! 😀
    Haha!! 🙂
    Well, IDK when I’ll ever get one, but MAG #24 would DEFINITELY be next. I love her freckles!! Also, maybe MAG #57 after that! How about you?
    Oh, and…I was at Target today, and they only had ONE Hearts 4 Hearts girl, Lillian. 🙁 She was the only one there!! SO unfair! *sobs*

    • 😀
      Thanks! Ok, it’ll be tonight or tomorrow. Yep, when you comment, there are two check boxes. One says “follow all comments for post” (or something like that) and the other says “notify me of new posts by email” (or something, I don’t know exactly). You click the “notify me of new posts” button.

      Yeah, well, I don’t like them either, but I think WW2 is more complicated and interesting. MY friend is taking a “Pschycology of World Leaders during WW2” class and she’s been telling me about it. It’s all SUPER interesting. I decided that I’m going to take that psychcology, rhetoric, and debate club in college. 😉 MY friends think I’m crazy and am trying to convince me that wanting to take classes like that when I’m this old is not normal. But, like I’ve said, I’m crazy, so…..
      Haha! XD
      Yes! Now to research if having a pet koala is legal…..I have a sneaking suspicion that it isn’t.
      Oooh, she’s super cute! She’s not on our list right now, but I think I might be adding her soon. Oooh, and we like her, too!
      Oh, man, ok. This is the one me and Claire share:

      #28 (Clara Consuelo ______); #33 (either Susan or Juliet. She’s going to be a 40s historical, and Emily’s cousin or sister); #37 (Marie Charlotte Dueren); #42 (Maia Everest Raine); #43 (still brainstorming names); #44 (Gabriella “Gabby” Olivia Andrews); #46 (Jade Madison ________); #47 (Noelle Grace Lloren); #49 (Rain Amelia _______); #53 (________ Julianna ________); #54 (Nora Zoe ______); #55 (Annika Evangeline Summers); #56 (Miri Emmaline Kitteridge, to be Kit’s cousin); #57 (?); #59 (Lauren something something); #60 (Evelyn something something); #61 (Lily Violetta Evans); Kit; Josefina; Rebecca; Addy; Kaya

      Then this one is mine, so a bit less dolls:

      Kit; Josefina; Rebecca; Addy; Kaya; #30 (Echo something something); #37 (Marie Charlotte Dueren); #42 (Maia Everest Raine); #44 (Gabriella “Gabby” Olivia Andrews); #46 (Jade Madison ________); #47 (Noelle Grace Lloren); #49 (Rain Amelia Lloren); #55 (Annika Evangeline Summers); #56 (Miri Emmaline Kitteridge, to be Kit’s cousin); #56 (Miri Emmaline Kitteridge, to be Kit’s cousin); #61 (Lily Violetta Evans)

      What?!?! Really?!?! Oh noes!


      • Oh, awesome! Can’t wait!
        Ooh, great! Thanks! I will do that!
        I agree, it is interesting.
        Wow, those actually sound like really cool classes. 😉 It’s great that you’re planning ahead! LOL, I don’t think you’re crazy. 😀
        It’s not legal?? Noooo! XD
        I know, I just think she’s super adorable! If I got her, I think I would name her either Shannon, Janie, Holly, or Bridget. For MAG #57, I’d definitely name her Moriah Nicole, and I’d call her Minnie for short. 😉 Actually, I decided last week that her full name (if I ever get her) will be Moriah Nicole Peterson (after Moriah Peters, a Christian singer I like, b/c I think she looks like her. 😉 )
        Ooh, GREAT list! And those are all really creative names too. (Did you get Annika for #55 from Jaclynn?)
        And I love your list too. Kit is a fantastic doll, you will not regret getting her. I’d love Rebecca, too, she is such a pretty doll!
        I used to have Kaya, but a few years ago I had to sell her (b/c I needed to make some money. Can’t remember if I told you that or not. 😉 ) I REALLY regret it now, though! While I had her though, she was great.
        Hahahahahaha!!! That REALLY made me laugh!! 😀 😀 I was sooo shocked, though!!

        • Obviously it’ll be up today. 🙂 And yay! I’m glad!
          Why thank you! And apparently I lost a follower in the past few days, so it’s either 11 or 12 now.
          Haha, thanks! Oh, trust me, I am. When I sit on my bed for hours playing Mafia, reading Ungifted, reading the Giver, watching Fetch, Mythbusters, and Brain Games, plus doing logic puzzles when my friends come over, I think I’m pretty crazy. Also, we do lots of choreography. Haha. We’re weirdos.
          IDK, it might be. Haven’t looked it up yet.
          Ooh, those are adorable names! I would probably name her Sophie or something similar. Maybe Sofia? IDK. Ooh, that’s pretty too!

          Thanks! I love to write, so I look at baby name websites a ton between dolls and writing. I like to find unique names on them, haha. Yep. 🙂 I’ve read her blog for so long that I can’t not imagine her as Annika. Whenever I see her I go “Oh, hey, there’s Annika!” Jaclynn said it was fine if I wanted to name her that, so yay!
          Thanks! Rebecca was the first doll I fell in love with (other than Mia) and I’ve been wanting her for ages. I think I had a bit about that either in this post or another I’m going to post soon. And Claire (like I’ve said) looooooooooves Kit, so……I think she’s pretty darn cute as well.
          Aww. Yeah, I once found a doll on Craigslist for $5, who needed to be restrung and rewigged, was missing a leg, and had messy vinyl, and I had the money to get a new wig and a new leg and all, but I didn’t get her, and then the person moved, and changed her to being sold in another city. 🙁 I regret not getting her also.
          I wish you had kept Kaya, though. She’s soooooooo pretty.
          Why thank you! Yeah, they’re selling out quick!


          • Hooray!! Can’t wait!
            You’re welcome! Aw, man, you did? That stinks. 🙁 But now you’ll be getting a new one after I submit this comment!! 😀
            Haha, maybe you think so, but at least doing that stuff keeps your mind healthy-which is what you want.
            *sighs in relief* Oh good. So maybe someday I’ll be able to have a koala after all. XD
            Thank you!! I think so too. Oh yeah, those sound like great names too. I’m assuming you got Sophie from Emma’s blog? 😉 She does look like a Sophie though. Or a Sofia.

            Wow, that’s fun! I love to write too, but I never thought of looking at a baby names website. That would really come in handy for characters, though! Or for dolls, too. Yeah, unique names are always good!

            I thought so, but that’s pretty funny b/c I always do the same thing w/ Annika! Same with her doll Clara, if I ever got her that’s probably what her name would be. 😉
            How long have you been reading Jaclynn’s blog? I’ve been reading it since March 2014, I believe. It was one of the first doll blogs I found and is one of my favorites (along with yours, of course!! 😀
            Awesome! I really hope you can get her-maybe she’ll be your next AG doll! I started wanting Rebecca when Beforever came out. I remember when she came out I was really excited to read her books. My sister has some of them, they are really good!
            I’m actually kind of surprised Claire doesn’t have Kit yet, since she loves her so much. I’ve had her for *thinks* um….6 years??? I got her right after Christmas 2008, soo…January 2009. It was between her, Nellie, and Mia, but both Nellie and Mia were sold out. But I had wanted Kit for a really long time, so I knew she was the one. She is really adorable, and I hope Claire’s able to get her soon. 🙂
            Wow…that doll sounded like she needed a lot of TLC. That’s good that you would’ve been able to fix her up, but it’s sad you didn’t get to buy her. 🙁
            I know, I really wish I had too! Around the time I sold her, I guess I wasn’t into dolls all that much, and like I said before, I needed the money. What’s even sadder is that she was my first doll, too. (I got her in 2006.) I never really regretted it until last year, when I started getting back into dolls. 🙁 Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t rush into doing something like that since you might regret it later.

          • I can’t either! I’m setting it up for my mom to approve right now!
            🙂 I hope so! We could both have a koala!
            Your welcome! Actually, no, haha. I had forgotten that she named her Sophie, also. Hmm…. Maybe I’ll change it.
            They’re great! I also like to try and look at the meaning to match it up (or make it be the complete opposite) of their characters.
            Yep, #21 is also slightly annoying me because Clara is the only name I can think of for her. I was thinking about Clarissa or something cause it’s kinda similar but not exactly.
            Umm… actually I’m gonna talk about that in my post, but Summer 2013. 🙂 Camp Doll Diaries, actually. Aww, thanks a ton! I love reading yours, as well.
            Kit is going to be, but then were also hoping to get Josefina this year. Rebekah will be next year, either with Kaya or a MYAG.
            Yes! I love Rebekah’s! They’re probably my favorites! I was in love with acting when she came out (still am, actually) so she and Mia were biggies for me.
            Yeah, well, we had trouble saving up.
            Oooh, Nellie’s another one of my favorites! She’s adorable! I didn’t get catalogues until after she was retired, though, and I didn’t like the website pics of her, so I wasn’t interested in her at the time.
            🙁 I so wish I did.
            Oh, aww. I wish you hadn’t also. Haha, I’m the kinda person who keeps things that I don’t want for 10 years before getting rid of them, so thankfully I don’t have that problem. 😀


          • Also, you aren’t showing up as one 🙂

  • **Sorry this is so late!!**
    You’re welcome!
    Yay, that would be great if we both could have a koala!! 😀
    Wow, that’s pretty funny. She does look like a Sophie, though.
    Oh, yeah, that’s cool. Almost like sarcasm, in a way. 😉
    I know, right? Ooh, wait, I just thought of something! My mom used to say that MAG #21 looked like an old friend of mine named Chelsea. So maybe you could call her Chelsea. 😉
    Wow, that’s a long time!
    You’re welcome! And aw, thanks! That’s always nice to hear. 🙂
    That’s great!! Good luck with all that.
    That’s really cool. I really like them too! I think my favorites are definitely Kit’s though, and probably Samantha’s too.
    Right, I totally understand.

    I know, I love Nellie!! She’s such a cute doll. And my sister has Samantha, so if I’d gotten her, we would have had a best friend set. I’m glad I got Kit, though.
    Sometimes the website shots are really bad. The dolls always look better in regular pictures people take or in person.
    🙁 Me too.
    I know, I didn’t even stop to think about it really. LOL, I wish I had that problem!!

    • Hey, like I said before, no biggie!
      Haha, yes! Honestly I don’t care. :b
      Thanks! I obviously think so to. I also like names like Jessica, Jane, Lauren, etc. for her. So I guess I just kind of like popular-yet-classic names for her. 🙂 I might change it from Sophie, since Emma named her that.
      Haha, yep. I’m a pretty sarcastic gal sometimes. :b

      • Thanks!
        That’s good.
        YES, WE WILL!! 😀
        You’re welcome. Oh yeah, those are great names for her too.
        Haha, aren’t we all. 😉

        • Welcome!
          Thank you!
          Also, today we decided on Sophie Dakota. It’s not that flowy, and it doesn’t quite roll of the tongue, but those are two of our favorite names for her.
          Also, guess what? We’re either getting 3 more H4H, or we’re getting a new wig to rewig one of our dolls! Becca Ana’s wig is awful, and we were planning on rewiring her sometime in the near future, but it’s starting to fall off at the edges, and we have the money. There is a lot of Zelia, Consuelo, and Lauryce on Ebay that we’ll be getting, though, unless it goes out of our price range. 😀 If not. we’ll get the wig. 😀 Either way I’m excited. I’ve been dying to make a custom for ages. Technically I hand-painted one of our dolls freckles, but….freckles isn’t much.

          Do you like customs? Do you ever want to make one?

          At least for our age, yes 😉


          • LOL!
            You’re welcome.
            Ooh, I like that! It really fits her well. 😀
            Wow, that’s so exciting!! 😀 Congratulations!! When will you decide what you’re going to be getting?
            I do like customs-I think it’s a really cool idea. I don’t think I would like to make one because I think it would be kind of hard to rewig the doll and stuff. But it might be fun. So, maybe someday. 😉

          • XD
            Thank you!
            😀 😀 😀 Umm, depending on whether or not my parents decide yes to the lot (which is more money then we have, so we would sell the extra outfits to get the money back, or return the Surjan I bought to resell) and if we can, then I would bid on that. If it went out of our price range, we would get the wig. If we do get it, than we might return the Surjan (wait a second….I’m now envisioning a custom H4H….maybe we won’t return her…….) to buy the wig, or if we have extra money from reselling the clothes we will use that for the wig, cause I seriously cannot do anything with her hair.

            I love them, too! Yeah, I feel the same. Tricky, but IMO, totally worth it! At first, I was planning on re-wigging a OG before doing an AG, but honestly I’m just going to do Becca’s. And hey, if I mess it up she can always be sent to the doll hospital.

    • Oh! I like that! Huh……
      Ooh, I like those, too. IDK, though, sometimes Samantha drives me a little crazy..
      Oh, really? Haha, for Christmas 2008 Claire got a big doll, but it kept breaking, and then her replacement doll was Hailey! I think she would rather that it was Kit, though. 🙂
      Yep! Unless something goes wrong, or we find out that someone we love is being retired. Which usually tends to happen.
      Yes! Nellie is adorable! My friend has her, and whenever she comes over she brings her. 🙂
      Yeah, sometimes I hate the website’s pictures.
      I wish I had yours! LOL!


      • I’m glad you do! 😀
        You’re welcome.
        Yeah, I could see that, but she likes to have fun! You can’t blame her for that. 😉
        Funny! Now, who is Hailey again?
        I’m sure. 😉
        LOL. That’s great!
        That’s really cool! And I agree, Nellie is super cute. 🙂
        Same here…

        • 🙂
          Haha, yep!
          Our third doll, OG. One of the triplets.
          YEs, I love her

          • Cool! Who are the other triplets?
            I used to have an OG doll named Sandie, but I had to get rid of her b/c she somehow got some stains on her (which were caused by no one, they just magically appeared).

          • Rubye and Katelyn, first and fifth. 🙂
            Oh, it was probably by the clothes. They do that sometimes. It happens to us, too, but we use a magic eraser and it works perfect! Speaking of, I think I need to work on Hailey’s arms a bit…

          • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

            Do you think that we should maybe move this conversation? We could continue it on my about page or something so that we wouldn’t have to go back all the time to get it. It’s fine where it is, it just might be hard after a while to go back and find it. 🙂 I can find it fine, because of my dashboard, but IDK how hard it is for you.

          • Yes, we should probably move this…it’s getting confusing! 😀

          • Haha! Ok! I’ll copy and paste the last few comments into the about page, becuase that won’t move and go back any. 🙂

          • Or not. Apparently you can’t comment on a page with this theme. I guess I’ll just do it on the newest post.

  • I’m not? Huh, that’s weird. Well, I’m getting every new post now in my email, though, so that’s good!! 😀

  • LOL!! Okay, then. 😀

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